Why WWE Was Smart to Film and Photograph All of Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

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I'm surprised at the surprise of fans when they learn that WWE has still photos and video of Jerry “The King” Lawler having his heart attack.

WWE always has eyes watching.

When DVDs or books comes out we see footage or photos we've never seen before because WWE documents almost everything. They seem to have a general policy and plan of attack to document everything.

I'm not suggesting WWE was planning to show photos and video of a shocked Lawler being tended to by paramedics if he tragically passed away on that Monday night in Montreal.

Think about if Lawler did tragically pass. What if a family member of Lawler's came after WWE or a critic came after WWE.

Its a common enough occurrence.

The WWE gets blamed for Lawler's heart attack. Accusations they didn't do enough to help him because they were preoccupied with live television or whatever gets thrown at them. No accusation would surprise me.

If anything of this nature did come their way they would have documentation of everything. They had video of what took place live out in the arena in front of thousands as well as behind the curtain where Lawler was being helped.

I will say the video package that aired a segment before Lawler's return on this past week's Raw was one of the most chilling and emotional pieces I've ever watched.

I take the same stance with this as I did with CM Punk and Paul Heyman using the heart attack in a segment to get heel heat. The stance being that nothing can change the fact that the heart attack happened, so if all is well now, then why not use it to help further business and drive ratings?

The video package brought the emotions back up to the surface of how scary the Lawler situation was. It made you smile, cheer and clap all the more when Lawler came walking back up to the ring. It made you frown, boo and yell all the more minutes later when CM Punk and Paul Heyman interrupted Lawler to take aim at him.

I'm not saying it was a golden segment, and I doubt it has a payoff of a Lawler versus Punk match. But I don't fault WWE for documenting the heart attack or using it in WWE programming with Lawler's consent.

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