Indie Wrestling Interviews, Episode One: Mr. Canadian Crazy Horse Michael Elgin

Alex VeleyCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

Well, first for the people who have never heard of you, who trained you, when did you debut and what would you consider your style for those who have never seen you?

Well I was trained by Rob Feugo out of the Squared Circle Training Gym. He had many people in there to help out which was a good experience.


He had Tyson Dux, Joe Legend, and Sinn (WWE's Kizarny) in the school regularly to help out with training so it was a great school and I would encourage anyone aspiring to train to go to Squared Circle.


I don’t know about Style I really don't know how to classify it. I try to be versatile so I can really do my best against any opponent. I enjoy a more technical high impact style to be honest. More striking and high impact moves.

You are considered by many people to be one of workers in Ontario that probably has the biggest future ahead of you. Is there a level of pressure that comes from that?

Pressure? I wouldn’t go that far. I mean I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and perform at a level that is above average. But do I always prevail? Maybe not but feel I do and will continue to try and push myself.


The most pressure I feel is what I put on myself to be better each time I step in the ring.



What would you consider your biggest match?

I am not sure, I think biggest is not the question, maybe most important to me for learning would kind of put it. As I thing working with Johnny Devine, Trevor Murdock, Tyson Dux, and Scorpio were my favorites to date because not only did I get to do what I loved but I also learned a lot.

Zakk Atticus (Another Indie worker from Ontario) told me that you play quite a few ribs on him. Do you have any good stories?

I like to play ribs as much as I can. Truthfully my favorite rib was not on him...and the rib never truly worked because Mason blew the spot...On a road trip to ICP's Gathering, he bought this ridiculously priced Lobster sub and when he went to the bathroom I ate it and stuffed it with garbage to make it look like it was still there.


But Mason never even tries to touch the sub because he was not feeling well. So the rib was ruined.

He also said you work too stiff. Do you have a Comment on that?

Maybe he feels that way...Do I lay stuff in, yes. But I have never went out there and tried to nail someone. Truthfully the hardest I’ve ever had to hit in a ring was with Trevor Murdock and Scorpio because they love to trade and trade hard.


I didn't mind it both men have been to the WWE and all over the world so I was willing to trade with them


But with Atticus or anyone else I never would even dream of laying it in to that degree of stiffness. I wouldn’t say that I work stiff but people are allowed to voice their opinions.

Where do you hope to take your career? Have any aspirations on going to Japan or the WWE?

Well I would love to tour Japan, Mexico, and Europe. This is looking like a possibility...but further than that, I think I want what everyone does, and that is a WrestleMania Moment.

And last but not least. For fans that have never heard of you. Where can they see you?

Well I work for IWA-Mid South primarily...I have cut down my Ontario bookings and as right now will be exclusive in the GTA-Hamilton to PWA and working with PWX which you can see in St Thomas or Tilsonburg.


IWA runs out of Joliet and Bellevue, IL and you can get their DVDs from


Thank you very much to Mr. Elgin and much luck to him. As usual you can contact me at punch999(at) or MSN me at

More of these interviews to come and also more Bleacher Gate!