Survivor Series 2012: Could Cody Rhodes' Injury Be an Opportunity for Fandango?

Luis CamposAnalyst INovember 14, 2012

According to, Cody Rhodes sustained a possibly serious injury last night during the taping of WWE's Main Event. The extent of the injury is still to be determined, but with the Survivor Series PPV coming up this weekend, should the WWE have a plan B ready?

The report states that Rhodes' right shoulder was injured after a spot involving a back drop from veteran superstar Kane.

The potential injury comes at a bad point in Rhodes' career now that the second-generation Superstar has found a new push after being partnered with Damien Sandow as part of the "Rhodes Scholars."

Rhodes is also set to be part of the traditional Survivor Series match at this Sunday's pay-per-view, begging the question of who can replace him if he truly is injured.

Enter Johnny Curtis, or Fandango as he now calls himself.

Survivor Series has been known for introducing great Superstars such as The Rock and The Undertaker to the WWE Universe. Why not take this opportunity to introduce the newly repackaged Fandango to an attentive audience?

The current promo packages that show Fandango portray him as a cocky ballroom dancer with the catchphrase, "You mind if I cut in?"

This phrase almost lends itself to him "cutting in" and taking Cody Rhodes' spot at Survivor Series.

Would doing this be a gamble for the WWE? Yes. But if the WWE really wants people to get behind this Fandango character, why not put him in the spotlight?


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