WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 Twists and Turns for the Big Show and Sheamus' Match

Adam Nystrom@anystrom0Correspondent IINovember 15, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 Twists and Turns for the Big Show and Sheamus' Match

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    Coming off their Match of the Night at Hell in A Cell, the rematch between Sheamus and newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show was something I immediately could not wait to see.  The two big men have taken this from a simple champion vs. No. 1 contender idea into a bitter and personal feud that saw The Big Show unleash a violent and disturbing attack on William Regal this past Monday.  

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this battle between Sheamus and The Big Show spill out of the ring, into the backstage area and even at a pub in England, the latter being one of the best beatdowns I have seen in a long time.  I wish this feud would continue, but I imagine this Sunday will be the end for these two and a new challenger for the title will emerge heading into WWE TLC. 

    Of course, this doesn't mean something interesting can't come out of their second encounter at Survivor Series.  Let us take a look at a few scenarios for the World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday, and please let me know what else you think could happen!

1. Sheamus Resorts to Dirty Tactics

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    There's really no way around it.  The Big Show has had Sheamus' number from day one, and aside from a surprise White Noise the night after Hell in A Cell, Sheamus has been unable to get a leg up on The Big Show.  If Sheamus is serious about regaining the World Heavyweight Championship, he might have to dig back into that bag of tricks he used when he first emerged as the newest force in WWE.

    This wouldn't be Sheamus turning heel, but simply employing a few dirty tactics would show how much the title means to him.  If Big Show can target William Regal and strike such a personal nerve, Sheamus needs to bring the battle to Big Show's level.

    Speaking of personal...

2. William Regal Gets Involved

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    I was happy to see William Regal on the show while both Raw and SmackDown were in Birmingham, and it did not surprise me to see him taking one for the team and getting laid out on multiple occasions by The Big Show. 

    What did catch my attention was seeing him once again this past Monday on Raw, first wrestling The Big Show and then suffering yet another attack backstage.

    Regal has never backed down from conflict in his entire life, and I could see him making an appearance at Survivor Series.  The bigger question is who would be his target: The Big Show as revenge, or Sheamus for constantly forgetting who and where his "friend" is?

3. Double KO

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    The conclusion of their match at Hell in A Cell saw The Big Show counter a second Brogue Kick with a second KO Punch, one that sent Sheamus crumbling to the mat.  There was no way Sheamus was getting up, but if The Big Show had not moved at the last second, he would have gotten his head kicked in for lack of foresight.

    I said at the beginning of this article that this rematch would likely be the conclusion of this feud, but a great way to continue it would be for both men to simultaneously hit their finishing moves and both fall unconscious.  The referee would administer a 10-count that neither can answer and we have ourselves a draw, setting up a final confrontation at TLC.

4. Dolph Ziggler Puts the Champion on Notice

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    Let me be clear: I do not think Dolph Ziggler will be cashing in at Survivor Series, or any time soon for that matter.  He has his hands full captaining a team named for him and it looks like he will remain a thorn in the side of John Cena in the midst of the continuing AJ Lee saga. 

    However, Ziggler can still make his presence known with a simple look.  At the conclusion of The Big Show and Sheamus' match, Ziggler's music could hit and bring him out to the entrance ramp. 

    Rather than running down to the ring with a referee in tow, Ziggler can simply shoot the champion a glance that says "I'm watching you" while holding the briefcase in the air.  A simple reminder that Ziggler has a contract in his hand would be a nice touch.

5. Big Show Announces He Will Retire When He Loses the Title

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    While conducting an interview with Jon Robinson of ESPN.com to promote WWE '13, The Big Show was asked about a potential dream match he has not yet had in his long career.  The Big Show has been a well-known wrestler for almost 20 years, and you have to wonder if he is thinking about retirement. 

    I am sure that a man of his size can only take so much punishment, and he has more than endured his share of it for WWE since he first debuted in 1999.

    What better way to make an impact than for the man who finally beats him to be the one who also retires The Big Show?

    This could be a career-maker for someone like, say, Wade Barrett when the time comes.  The Big Show can take on all comers and knock out every single one of them, week after week until someone (I'm still looking in Barrett's direction) comes along and proves to be a threat for the World Heavyweight Championship.  I hope The Big Show keeps this title for a long time, because he sure as hell as earned it.

    Thank you as always for reading, and please join the conversation in the comments below!