5 Superstars We Would Have Loved to See as 5th Member of Team Foley

Nick HouserCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2012

5 Superstars We Would Have Loved to See as 5th Member of Team Foley

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    The Miz has been announced as the final member of Team Foley, who will take on Team Ziggler at Survivor Series and, while the Miz is a great choice, the WWE Universe likely wouldn't have minded seeing one of these five men take the last spot either.

    Miz makes plenty of sense.

    He's turning face for the first time in his career. Now seems like a pretty good time too. Should he not fully make the transition though and turn on his teammates at Survivor Series, the angle would be believable and work well too.

    Ultimately, he was realistically the best choice.

    Still, one can't help but wonder what might have been if another Superstar joined Team Foley instead. Be it the Money in the Bank pay-per-view that opened many eyes or recent events that turned some on to a particular wrestler, a few guys certainly had the right to take part.

    Here's a look at who else could have worked, in order from "worst" fit to best.

No. 5: A Returning Superstar

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    It would be awesome (to steal a catchphrase from the Miz) to see a returning Superstar join Team Foley.

    The only two that would work are Mark Henry and Christian.

    According to Nick Paglino of WrestleZone.com, Henry is due back "before the end of the year." While it's certain that means sometime in December, it could hypothetically mean Survivor Series.

    Henry returns, joins Team Foley and wrestles his first match back at Survivor Series. The end result could be a feud with Alberto Del Rio, someone who can make him look good, while building him back up.

    Likewise, Christian could have worked.

    Paglino's report stated Christian should be back "either this month of next." He returned to massive pop at Over the Limit, so a similar setup could have worked once again.

     While one of these two scenarios would arguably be the coolest, they're the least logical, strictly because of the injuries.


No. 4: Alex Riley

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    In a traditional Survivor Series match, 10 men get to compete in a five-on-five match. With so many people involved, at least one should be your unexpected "low card with massive talent" type of guy.

    Alex Riley would have been a nice touch.

    He has talent, he just never has an opportunity. This would be a massive opportunity. It's not just a match, it's a pay-per-view match with some big names.

    Also, it would pair him with Mick Foley.

    The two could easily enter a storyline soon after where Foley, impressed by Riley's skill-set, takes the young wrestler under his wing. That would be huge for Riley's career.

No. 3: Jack Swagger

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    This one hinges on whether there's any truth to the speculation that Swagger quit. According to Rajah.com though, as of Nov. 12 the plan is still to repackage Swagger.

    The scenario could have worked perfectly.

    Swagger took a leave of absence as a heel, irritated with then-GM AJ Lee. Fast forward to now, and as Foley looks for a fifth team member, Swagger makes a return as a face, looking for guidance and a chance from Foley, also a former GM.


    He could then either stay a true face and especially get some shots in on Dolph Ziggler for ditching him and sending him into a downward spiral (though not too many shots). Or he could remain a heel and set up a feud with someone on his Survivor Series team by turning on them.

No. 2: Tyson Kidd

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    See: Riley, Alex

    The argument for Tyson Kidd is very similar to the slide about Alex Riley. However, while Riley would be that younger talent no one expected to be in this situation, but ultimately shines, Kidd already was that guy.

    He earned his way into the Money in the Bank match last minute and built up a steady following in the process. Then he continued to dazzle at the PPV.

    Unfortunately, nothing ever developed and Kidd once again disappeared.

    Survivor Series is the perfect venue to give Kidd another opportunity. Clearly WWE feels iffy about having him work high-profile singles matches with actual feuds. Hence, they put him into a match with several others. Why not do it again at Survivor Series?

    The spotlight isn't 100 percent on Kidd, but he still gets to show the fans something they love seeing.

No. 1: Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel is much like Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley. He's a younger guy with tons of talent and charisma. He just needs more television time.

    Unlike Kidd and Riley though, Gabriel's actually gotten some time lately.

    It started with a squash match, a losing effort to Antonio Cesaro. But there was clearly something there. The match was fantastic and a rematch soon occurred.

    Gabriel pulled off an upset and earned a shot at the United States Championship.

    But just when his fans (and probably him too) thought something good was brewing, he lost the title match and began falling again. He needs more to do quickly, otherwise his momentum is gone. But there is good news.

    He's still being used somewhat frequently.

    First he got squashed by Alberto Del Rio. Then he had a quality match with R-Truth. Lastly, it was a tag match with Kidd, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

    WWE really should have continued with Gabriel's build up.

    Of course, doing so would have left Miz out of the equation, and at this point in time, he is the bigger star.