Letter to Congress: HEY! Wrestlemania is Near, What's Going On?

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 17, 2009

Why the heck did RAW suck last night?! I hope you guys over there at the parliament  are aware that the grandest stage of them all is a mere couple weeks away. Why subject  us to this?

DM Resolved No. 1: Jericho gets beaten up by legends, who were barely mobile.

With all respect to these legends, this better not be a Wrestlemania preview. I'm starting to believe that you guys care more about the Legends of Wrestlemania game than the actual feud. Jericho is as good as they come, but he's not going to carry the match nor is anyone going to buy what he is selling.

I hate to say this...just bring Stone Cold. After what I saw last night, the rattlesnake is much needed. Stone Cold probably isn't the best choice, but soon he will be. If he wrestles, he won't need any other legends to whoop Jericho's ass, so they'll probably not use Austin.

Flair just needs to go back home. Is Jericho right? Flair just can't stay away from the ring...then again WWE has to do marketing for that game. I'm a bit worried at this point for this angle.

Like mentioned above, stop the advertisement and give us Austin vs Jericho, Rourke is irrelevant now.

DM Resolved No. 2: The Closer

Nope, this isnt the hit cable show, but Wrestlemania 25's closing match. Every night that passes, I believe more and more that the WHC match will close out the night. I remember being high on the Cena/Edge feud, but ever since Big Show came in i've been rethinking my thoughts. This whole love triangle thing is ridiculous.

Vickie has really dragged herself out. If it wasn't enough on Smackdown...but RAW as well. Twice a week are we seeing this feud "transition" and I have to say that i've become quite bored with it. Regardless of what anyone says, I believe Cena just doesn't fit in.

I don't mean the match, but the story. Edge and Show are both trying to use Vickie and Cena is just hanging around for no reason. HELLO! Cena already spilled the beans on you Vickie, why haven't you tossed him out of the match? As big as the Orton/Triple H feud is, it won't be closing the night.

I really don't see the point in this anymore. The feud went from interesting, to decent, to funny, to I don't give a damn anymore. Maybe WWE should have went with Orton vs Cena and Edge vs Triple H or something.

DM Resolved No. 3: Divas Battle Royal

With all due respect to the ladies out there, why the heck is this match going to occur?! I was up to seeing some Maryse, Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, hopefully Natalya as well, but instead of dream matches, we'll be getting this battle royal.

Whats the prize? Ms Wrestlemania! Why am I complaining? At least it isn't a Playboy lumberjack match. The Divas could be better utilized than this....way better. It is the 25th anniversary, but damn. There is always an upside right? At least the entire Divas roster will get to participate.

DM Resolved No. 4: MITB

Well, well, well what do have here? When many people bashed this bout after seeing the competitors, I stood by and believed. After what I saw on RAW, i'm nervous. All eight MITB men where there on RAW.

Six of them competed in six man tag action while Finlay and Christian did commentary. If this is a preview, then it's looking like crap. Hopefully those ladders make a difference. Looks like the MITB competitors will be in action all week long in inter-promotional matches.

ECW has some tag action tonight, and Smackdown might provide the same. Oh did I forget, why is Mark Henry in there? Big men need love, but this is not the way. The briefcase is the best thing of all and someone will be a very lucky man that night. Can we have a curve ball? You know, a curve ball that there ain't no stopping.

There is more, but they aren't nagging  enough to add them in this list parliament. No more hot-and-cold shows as the ratings are decreasing upon the arrival date of the big day.