5 WWE Superstars Who Are Being Overpushed

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5 WWE Superstars Who Are Being Overpushed
Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Every week, when you watch Raw or SmackDown (or Saturday Morning Slam or WWE Main Event, etc.), you see the wrestlers come down the ramp as their entrance music hits.

Sometimes, you are glad to hear the familiar tones of a superstar's theme and can't wait to see him come down the ramp.

Then, there are those guys.  The ones that WWE seems intent on cramming down our throats whether we want to see them or not.

They're either guys who can't wrestle, or guys who have the charisma of oatmeal or both.  For some reason, Vince and his band of merry men have decided that these guys are the ones we need to see on our televisions.

Here are five superstars who are being overpushed—to the point where I don't care if I see any of them again.

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