Liverpool FC: 4 Reasons Why Luis Suarez Can Score 30 Goals This Season

Jake WareCorrespondent IIINovember 16, 2012

Liverpool FC: 4 Reasons Why Luis Suarez Can Score 30 Goals This Season

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    Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is off to a roaring start to the 2012-13 season.

    Suarez has already scored eight Premier League goals in 11 games and 11 goals in 16 all-competition games, and if he plays as many games as he did last year—39—he is on track to score a total of 27 goals this season.

    But he will score more.

    In fact, there is a good chance he scores as many as 30 goals in all competitions, a number managed only by Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney, and Sergio Aguero last season.

    Here is why. 

4. Odds Are He'll Play More Than 39 Games

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    With the alarming lack of depth up front for Liverpool, Luis Suarez has been called upon very often to lead the Reds front-line.

    In fact, he has already played in 16-of-21 Reds' games.

    Last year, Luis Suarez spent over 10 games on the sidelines with suspension. It is never easy to predict anything when Suarez is involved, but I will very boldly predict that he will not receive another eight-game suspension for racism this year.

    He'll play more games than last year, and will score more as a result.

3. His Form Keeps Improving

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    Of Luis Suarez's eight goals this season, only two came in the first five games. He has scored six in the six games since then, and has scored in each of his last three games.

    Considering how good he is playing right now, it is scary to think that Luis Suarez, if he keeps improving, could score even more, especially considering Liverpool's fixture list will only get easier in the coming weeks. If the Uruguayan's form continues to improve, more goals will follow.

2. Ability to Score Against Better Teams

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    Through the 11 games so far this season, Liverpool have already played against six of the seven teams that finished above them in the league in 2011-12—Luis Suarez has scored a combined four goals in those games.

    In the early going of the season, Suarez has clearly displayed an impressive ability to score against teams that are stronger than Liverpool, and against those predicted to finish below Liverpool in the table this year, Suarez has scored four in five.

    The Uruguayan can score against anyone. That will only serve him well moving forward.

1. Liverpool Is Only Going to Get Stronger

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    Liverpool is heavily tipped to invest significantly to improve the squad in the upcoming January transfer window.

    And with the new influx of players, the group around Suarez from which he can feed and garner scoring chances will gain in strength. Suarez's productivity, as a result, will undoubtedly increase.

    As we move further into the season, the Reds will gradually improve, hopefully to the point where they are competing for top-four spots. With an improvement in form and quality in the players around him, Suarez will undoubtedly benefit.

    The inevitable fact that Liverpool will improve as the season moves onwards will play a major role in ensuring Luis Suarez reaches 30 goals this season.