Hilariously Horrible Belgian Basketball Player Fails to Score in His Own Basket

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 13, 2012

This guy is so bad that he can't even fail correctly. 

BroBible spotted this brief moment from what is apparently a fifth division Belgian basketball game. The details are scarce, so we encourage anyone who has more info to step forward. 

We would love to know exactly what went down and what this player was thinking. 

The YouTube comments are proving to be just as hilarious as the actual video, with someone chiming in with, "He's only 6 rebounds away from a triple double! -Ricky Davis"

That's a reference to Davis missing a shot intentionally to rack up a triple-double. 

For this video, we doubt the player is trying to do anything other than score a bucket, and a wide-open one at that. 

Imagine this little go-getter's surprise when he finds himself with the rock and an open lane to the basket. Oh boy, there is nobody around to ruin my crowning achievement

He no doubt thinks about the ensuing celebration he will do as he runs up the court victorious. Only he can't get the stubborn ball to go through the hoop. 

It's as if the ball is a personification of the rest of his team, attempting to tell him, "You are shooting at the wrong basket, dummy."

One of his teammates eventually comes up to stuff him at the rim, a play you never want to have to bust out of the tool shed. 

If there were an award for knuckle-headed endeavors, our hero here would win unanimously. 

The best part is he runs up the court after with his head held high. As you should, Mr. Basketball Player, as you should. 


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