The WWE Turns to Seasons, Like a Real Pro Sport Franchise! More Money and Stars!

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

Modeling themselves after a Professional Sports Franchise, World Wrestling Entertainment will save money, shake things up and protect stars.

How can the WWE save money these days?

I have an idea that might work. If the rosters were divided up into seasons, (like professional sports teams) except they had interlocking seasons, the WWE could go all year round.

The stars may get less money, but the benefits of this would be great for the company, as well as the superstars themselves.

If the company were to instill titles that would only be available for each season, (Hardcore title and Cruiser weight (Smackdown tiles)...etc in season 1, Intercontinental, divas, World title, TV title, (Raw titles in season 2) Wrestlers could go back to wrestling both, or all three shows. The wrestlers do not have to work 300 days a year, they do not carry as many injuries, and they may be used longer, over the years.

The WWE would win, as each of the seasons would create excitement and change. As far as the big 4 PPV's.

That is when story line could build up over seasons, as each would change at one of the "BIG 4." for example a wrestler (from season 1) could start a storyline with superstar (from season 2) they cut promos., then meet the major PPV.

They could perhaps even exchange, or trade titles through matches at the PPV.

Fan Ratings would go up dramatically! We could see an evenly balanced roster, no more mass injuries. No more overcrowded rosters with too many champions!

I think this would save money, carry more stars, draw more crowd and attention (boosting ratings.) This would be easier on the superstars, and prevent injuries. Perhaps even the commentators and general manager would change as well.

In the end, who would NOT benefit?

Thanks for reading.