NCAA Basketball Tournament Is Hypocrisy at Its Best

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IMarch 17, 2009

The brackets point to the same places just about every year, no secret there, take a look at them.

You don't need a Duke education to understand the placement of the teams in the the regions and the matchups.  They all lead to television heaven, ratings heaven, and well, let's call a spade a spade.

The intended consequence of the East and South region, in my personal opinion, is another North Carolina vs Duke game! I'm just all tickled pink about that, I can't wait.

The Midwest and West gets a little more complicated, but a mail order degree should be all the education you need to figure that one out.

Louisville got a cakewalk to the Elite Eight. Michigan St., Kansas, and Boston College will have  to beat each other up so they can play Rick Patino's team and move into the Final Four.

Follow the fairness so far? Wow! Good for the Midwest.

The West should be all set, hmm let's see, let me think for a minute or two...Can you say Connecticut with, maybe, a little bump on the road called Memphis?

Now, those are what I feel are the intended consequences, there is always the unintended ones like upsets, right?

The way the elite teams are set up, the only upset of any consequence, is the upset stomach you'll get from eating too many corn chips and hot salsa during the games.

My dear friends, is it time for the NCAA to have a separate tournament for the teams that are considered "The best of the rest."

It's time for the NCAA to just pick 32 teams from the elite conferences and forget about those marginal automatic bids and the no-chance teams, the tournament is becoming a joke.

Have a separate tournament for the rest of the field, pick them from those Mid and Mid-low conference championships and also the bottom dwelling teams of the elite leagues.

That would be fair, wouldn't it? When was the last time a non-elite team won the tournament? Please don't tell me about the high school Hoosier story from 1950 something and the "there is always a chance" sentiment.

There is no chance, folks.

Today's game is played by the elite at such high level, the so-called mids have the same chance of winning the tournament as I have scoring 40 points on LeBron James—I'm 55-years-old, 5'8" and weight 275 pounds.

Can you say "zero chance"?

Stop the hypocrisy and let this kids from the non-elite conferences get a real tournament where they have a chance to enjoy a REAL chance of winning a championship.


If I was a big time ESPN reporter, I would sit with the chairman of the selection committee and look him straight in his eyes and ask him, "Would you swear that you really believe that 50 percent of that field has a real chance to win the tournament?"

His answer should be yes, only 50 percent or less have a chance to win that tournament.

So, save yourselves a round and pick 32 elite teams and let the "best of the rest" have their own day in the sun.