WrestleMania 25 Predictions: Who Will Leave WrestleMania Victorious?

T johnsonCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

So with Wrestlemania 25 right around the corner, I have decided to personally give my thoughts on who I think will be the winners and losers of this years Wrestlemania. I know many people are sick and tired of the prediction articles here on B/R, but I really wanted to give each and every one of you my picks to come out victorious at Wrestlemania 25.

25-Diva Battle Royal Match

Divas from the past and present will be involved in this match. Not a match I am really looking forward to but I see Trish Stratus going over in this match, and being crowned "Miss Wrestlemania."

I feel she is the most talented, and popular diva in WWE history. She has also shined on the grand stage in the past so I think she will go over.

MITB Ladder match(CM Punk, Christian, Finlay, Kane, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Shelton Benjamin)

I am sure many people have a legit argument on who should win this match and why. In my opinion I feel Christian will go over, besides Shelton Benjamin he is the only man in this match who can hold his own as an exciting(and i use that term loosely) World Champion in the WWE.

Shelton still has problems on the mic and for that reason I feel like he isn't ready to be a World Champion just yet. I feel that CM Punk should not have won MITB last year, and don't see him going over again. So Christian should go over in this match.

Legends (Roddy Piper, Ricky "the dragon" Steamboat, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka) vs. Chris Jericho in a handicap match

In all honesty this is the worst match in the entire card including the Diva Battle Royal. Chris Jericho is the best heel in the business next to Randy Orton and should definitely be in a better match than this one (may be the world title match, instead of the Big Show?).

But anyway, unfortunately I see the legends going over just because they are all Hall of Famers and I don't see Vince having them lose in this match, so expect the legends to go over in this match.

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio for the IC title

Not to in to this match but I do remember the last time these two wrestled on Raw they put on a very entertaining match so may be they can do it again. To be honest I have Rey Mysterio winning this match. There has been talk of JBL retiring because of his back injury he has right now.

Also, there has been talk of moving Shelton Benjamin to RAW and Mysterio to Smackdown which would mean the titles could switch brands. Do I think this is a good idea? No, but Mysterio is very popular and I can see him going over in this match.

John Morrison and The Miz vs. The Colons in a World tag title Unification match

With the current success of Morrison and The Miz as a heel tag team I have them going over to win this match and unify the tag titles. Not a very popular pick, but they are as over as it gets as heels and their current success will continue by winning the tag titles at WrestleMania.

Brother vs. Brother match Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

This match has the potential to be so great. With that being said I have Jeff winning this match. Before this whole feud started he was receiving the push of his life, and I feel that it should continue after WrestleMania which is why I see him going over. Next to John Cena he is the biggest babyface in WWE and it would be only right if he won this match.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels with "The Streak" on the line

Man, Icon vs. Icon. Besides Orton and HHH I think this hands down will be the best match of the night. Two seasoned veterans going at it on the grandest stage of them all.

In a match of this magnitude I'd usually go with HBK but I will take The Undertaker in this one because his streak at WrestleMania has been something very very special in my opinion and I do not think WWE will allow something this great to end. So I see Taker winning and becoming 17-0 at WrestleMania.

Edge vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title

Like everyone else I am not very big on triple threat matches at WrestleMania. Also I do not like the fact that Big Show is in this match and also thinks he has no chances of winning.

With that being said, I think John Cena will go over. He is the most popular WWE superstar today, and the current face of the company and there is no way two heels will leave WrestleMania with both world titles.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship

This is currently the biggest feud in WWE. I think the build to this match has been fantastic. I feel Randy Orton is the best thing going for WWE right now. He has improved on so many levels. He has a great look, his mic skills are as good as any bodys, and his in-ring abilities.

So you can already tell that I am picking Orton to win this match and the title. He is receiving a huge push right now and it is only right that he goes over and wins the title at Wrestlemania.

So this concludes my WM25 predictions, i hope everyone enjoyed. This is my first article, I have been on B/R for a while but have been too lazy to write an article so I felt it was time I did. So please comment, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.