WWE RAW: 10 Superstars Who Would Be Better off on Smackown

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WWE RAW: 10 Superstars Who Would Be Better off on Smackown
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Tonight is yet another episode of Smackdown, the secondary brand on WWE.

It plays second fiddle to Monday Night RAW, which is longer and features basically anyone imaginable on the roster. The supersized RAW includes superstars and Divas from both RAW and sister show Smackdown. Even though Smackdown superstars appear on RAW, it's pretty rare that the favor is returned, leaving the blue brand pretty much to fend for itself with those that it officially lists as Smackdown superstars.

Smackdown has helped itself out in recent years by creating main event talent such as Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Christian, as well as giving veterans such as Big Show a chance to be world champion once again. It's hard to believe that with a major star like Randy Orton on Smackdown, it has been more than a year since a title reign from The Viper. Instead, Smackdown has taken the time to build up other talent to try and make them main event-ready.

The Brand Extension is pretty much a joke at this point, but being a Smackdown superstar basically gives you a reason to chase after a champion on the brand, as well as giving you your own show on Friday nights away from the polluted three hours of a live RAW to hone your craft and gain momentum. Just look at what it has done for Sheamus, who couldn't sustain a decent world title reign on RAW.

Here are 10 superstars who could benefit from a move to Smackdown and stay as exclusive to Friday nights as possible.

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