Lolo Jones and Rickie Fowler Splash onto Red Bull's Epic Athlete Machine

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 12, 2012

Rube Goldberg just got extreme. 

Red Bull released yet another marketing masterpiece in the form of a grandiose machine powered by a rather eclectic mix of athletes. 

It all begins and ends in the air, with Sean MacCormac jumping from a Red Bull helicopter and onto a target that sets off an elaborate machine you will not be able to tear your eyes away from. 

In the end, snowboarder Pat Moore hops into a helicopter after ripping a Red Bull from some newly cracked ice thanks to nearly six minutes of athletic endeavors. 

As one of the YouTube comments stated, we kind of hoped this had a "To Be Continued" disclaimer at the end, because something this momentous has you craving more.

Just to give you some idea of the scale, here is a list of the athletes who took part in this Rube Goldberg-type machine.

Sean MacCormac (Skydiver), Joey Brezinski (Skateboarder), Rickie Fowler (Golfer), Danny MacAskill (Trials Biker), Ryan Sheckler (Skateboarder), Drew Bezanson (BMX Rider), Bryce Menzies (Off-Road Truck Racer), Rhys Millen (Drifter), Robbie Maddison (Freestyle Motocross Rider), Lolo Jones (Hurdler), Pat Moore (Snowboarder) 

Lolo Jones is seen at the 5:00 mark running down a pair of hurdles before setting off another contraption with her run through the finish line. 

Rickie Fowler shows off some sick chipping in the beginning of the video. At the :57 mark, he gets a golf ball served up and ready to be hit. 

Which begs the question of how many times they had to set this whole thing up. There had to be at least a few hiccups with something this ornate. 

Either way, this was our kind of extreme. 

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