Why AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero Could Be a Money-Making Match for WWE

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

When Trish Stratus retired from World Wrestling Entertainment in September of 2006, followed shortly thereafter by Lita, many believed the days of legitimate, money-making female rivalries were over.

For nearly six years, those doubters appeared to be correct. The Divas division failed to produce a mega-star on the level of those two former Women's Champions, and the company lost interest in producing a quality Divas product.

In 2008, Vickie Guerrero became the first regularly featured female talent on WWE television in two years. She was a tremendous heel performer who garnered reactions that the top heels in the company only wished they could generate.

Four years later, the company finally created a female character that would dominate the airwaves in the same manner that Vickie had.

AJ Lee began the year as the girlfriend of then-World Heavyweight Champion (and occasionally verbally abusive villain) Daniel Bryan. From there, she became the centerpiece of a rivalry between WWE Champion CM Punk, Kane and the aforementioned Bryan.

She then assumed the role of general manager of Raw and now finds herself in the crosshairs of managing supervisor Guerrero.

The feud between AJ and Vickie is completely different than any other dispute between women on WWE television in recent years. It features two strong female characters that the fans have a connection with. The reaction to their altercations has been strong, and anticipation has been steadily building for the eventual blow-up of the feud.

A showdown between AJ and Vickie could easily be a solid addition to December's TLC pay-per-view or—perhaps even better—January's Royal Rumble, where most of the male roster is involved in the Rumble match.

The match would have enough heat behind it and a strong enough story to warrant being billed as a "main event." It could perhaps involve John Cena and Dolph Ziggler to cover up the fact that Vickie is not a trained competitor.

The scandal storyline is reminiscent of the soap opera-type stories that were so popular during the Attitude Era—the stories that made fans plunk down money to buy a show.

With the solid background of the feud, the draw of two of the most over performers in the company and supporting characters like Cena and Ziggler, there is no reason to believe that AJ Lee versus Vickie Guerrero can not only be an entertaining addition to any pay-per-view, it can also be a money-making match for the company.