I Drafted Jeff Francoeur and Might Be Pleasantly Surprised

Kevin MarkumCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

In round 22, I drafted Jeff Francoeur.

Some laughed. Some questioned the call. However, as Francoeur sits in spring training with a .333 BA and a .389 OBP in 30 ABs.

I call my decision genius.

After batting just .239 in 2008, many consider Francoeur a star gone bad.

The fact is that he is a special guy. 

Francoeur has talent. He can hit. He can throw. He can track down fly balls. He has great ability. The problem is translating that into the game.

He is immature. He strikes out a lot. What 25 year-old player doesn't?

Francoeur has lost weight. He's improved his bat speed and changed his stance.


He is getting on base again. Francoeur is now looking more and more like his old self from 2006 and 2007.

While I used to consider him a power hitter, I don't anymore. It may come eventually though.

I believe it was Terry Pendleton that once said you have to learn to hit first, and then for power.

I would agree with that statement. There are good players that make a living off of hitting for power and only that. Take Adam Dunn for instance.

The great players though, they hit first and then worked on their power, except for this guy named Albert Pujols. But he is just awesome.

Yes, I drafted Francoeur. In my defense, it was the last round.

I looked at it this way. He may be good and he may be bad. He may be traded or released by the All-Star break if he cannot find his swing again. However, if he hits like he did in 2006 and 2007, I am going to hate watching him swinging the bat for another fantasy team.

This spring Jeff looks good, real good. Whether or not he helps me win the much coveted fantasy baseball championship, I think he will be helping the Braves in their quest for the NL East title in 2009.