WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 Reasons John Cena Will Smash Punk and Ryback

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 13, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 Reasons John Cena Will Smash Punk and Ryback

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    John Cena is all healed up (or at least appears to be) after his elbow surgery. After his absence from the Hell in a Cell main event, the leader of the Cenation is ready to jump back into the title picture at Survivor Series. 

    As Cena returns to pay-per-view action this weekend at Survivor Series, he'll once again be involved in the feud between CM Punk and Ryback as they compete in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. 

    Cena back in the hunt at one of the WWE's "Big Four" pay-per-views means one thing: Cena is leaving Indianapolis as the WWE Champion. 

1. Cena Has to Prove He's Still Got It

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    As WWE fans know, John Cena recently had surgery on his elbow (explained here). Cena had to sit out for a while, but after a few tag team matches on Raw, he looks like he's back to normal. 

    Cena has had previous injuries to his pecs, arms and ankles, due to his crazy work schedule. 

    There have been numerous people asking if Cena can still go after his recent injuries, or if he should take a break to rest his body

    A triple threat for the WWE title is exactly what Cena needs to prove that he's in fighting shape. 

    If Cena can come out and beat the reigning WWE Champ and Vince's latest monster, he'll put all of the rumors about his banged up frame to bed. 

2. He's in Prime Position to Overcome the Odds

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    John Cena is being set-up for another glorious comeback. That's what his character does. He appeals to the younger crowd and makes a living overcoming obstacles and laughing in the face of adversity. 

    Cena is in position to do it again at Survivor Series. Let's look at the things stacked against Cena. 

    1. He's coming off of an injury.

    2. He's in the middle of an affair scandal with AJ.

    3. He's facing the WWE Champ AND WWE's "Big Hungry." 

    The odds are being stacked against the Cenation Commander-in-Chief, which is exactly how he likes it. 

    No one expects Cena to win with Punk's long reign and Ryback's sudden emergence, which is precisely why he will rise above and win the belt back at Survivor Series. 

3. WrestleMania Implications

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    John Cena is going to win at Survivor Series because it could set up Rock vs. Punk at WrestleMania. 

    This is the last "big" pay-per-view before January's Royal Rumble. Survivor Series is a great opportunity for Cena to win the title back and carry it until Royal Rumble. 

    If Cena carried the belt to Royal Rumble, he would face the Rock for the title. That could set up a Rock victory and the match everyone wants to see in Rock vs. Punk at WrestleMania. 

    Cena winning on Sunday would allow Punk and Ryback to continue their feud without worrying about Punk dropping the title with a loss and would allow Cena to take his feud with Dolph Ziggler to the main event. 

    Cena gets a record-setting 11th title run and we still get Punk vs. Rock at WrestleMania. Everyone wins. 

4. What Does Punk Have to Prove Before WrestleMania?

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    CM Punk has been on fire since his most recent heel turn. Punk's pairing with Paul Heyman has made his character leap out of the screen and demand the attention (and respect) of the WWE Universe. 

    While Punk's title reign has been entertaining, it's going to come to an end at Survivor Series. What else does Punk have to prove as champion? 

    What does Punk lose besides the belt? Losing to Cena will just make Punk that much more angry. Cena grabbing the strap on Sunday will breathe even more life into Punk's bad guy character. Punk and Heyman will have to chase the belt around and commit dastardly deeds to get the strap back on the shoulder of the second city saint. 

    Punk losing the title at Survivor Series will leave us with a few months of Cena as champ, but for anti-Cena fans, have no fear. It'll all pay off in the end. Cena will hold the title until Royal Rumble, setting up CM Punk vs. the Rock for the strap at WrestleMania. 

5. Ryback Isn't Ready to Be the Man

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    Obviously, Ryback is very over with the WWE Universe right now. He's the latest monster to take the WWE by storm and fans are hardly even pulling out the Goldberg chants any more. 

    While he is one of the biggest draws in the WWE right now, he's not ready for the WWE Championship. Ryback still hasn't had a full one-on-one match at the main event level. He's almost there, but if he loses his second pay-per-view match through shady dealin's, it'll just add more fuel to the big man's fire. 

    Ryback is a great addition to the match, but shouldn't actually pose a threat to win the title. 

    Ryback isn't ready to be the man, but he certainly doesn't want to see his rival CM Punk keep the belt. The feud between the current champ and "Big Hungry" will open the door for John Cena to leave Survivor Series with the title.