WWE Royal Rumble: The Real Measure Of a Man

dav brenContributor IMarch 17, 2009

These days, World Titles don't mean much, the Intercontinentals even less, and the Tag Titles nothing.

This shrinkage was gradual. The WWF use to have just one lone champion for a number of years, like Bob Backland and Hulk Hogan. But fast forward to the modern day, and now even the "Money in the Bank" match has three ex-World Champs.

Anyone who's anyone has held some sort of a title these days. Look back to the 90's, and you'll see some great wrestlers who won nothing, not even a tag belt.

How many title changes should we have? Well, I say one a year, maybe two, but no more. How many times have we seen a champion lose a non-title match or get pinned in a tag match, this just makes there champions look weak.

Last year the heavyweight title's reputation took a massive killer blow when CM Punk was allowed to wear the belt, and it took another blow not two months later when he lost it without even wrestling.

Now Punk's lost the Intercontinental Title to another ex-world champ, JBL, who will, believe it or not, defend it against Rey Mysteiro at WrestleMania. This may be an attempt to bring back prestige to the belt, but the match should really include rising talent, like Evan Bourne or Jack Swagger.

At No Mercy 2007, Randy Orton was awarded the title for being the No. 1 contender. Why?

What happened to the stories of wrestlers training all their lives, like HBK, to win the World Title? Every bit of prestige has being ripped away and replaced by cheap storylines.

Do you remember Bret Hart winning the Intercontinental Title at Summerslam '91, or Bulldog beating Bret in '92? These days we are "treated" to crowd members like Santino Marella winning the title on the first night. Kane, CM Punk, Mark Henry, and Matt Hardy are not "Main-Event" fighters, in my eyes.


Why have I rambled on? Because the only real accomplishment left in wrestling is winning the Royal Rumble.

Usually the biggest star of the year wins the Rumble. There have being exceptions, but if you look at the relatively short list, it becomes clear: Hogan, Austin, the Undertaker, HBK, Brock Lesner, Ric Flair,  HHH, The Rock, Bret Hart, Cena, Batista, and this year's biggest star, Randy Orton.

the real measure of a man is the Rumble.