Reuben Foster Still Looking at Georgia: Odds 5-Star LB Flips from Auburn

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 12, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Five-star linebacker and current Auburn commitment Reuben Foster has been a huge part of Gene Chizik's 2013 recruiting class since this summer, but could the Georgia Bulldogs have a chance to get him to flip?

According to Rusty Mansell of 247Sports, the Bulldogs are still trying to recruit the talented linebacker, and at the very least, they are still on Foster's radar:

“I am hearing a lot from Georgia," Foster said. "I am talking about a lot. They were at my game on Friday. They hit me up on Facebook already today.”

Considering Foster's background as a Troup County (Ga.) High School star before transferring to Auburn, Georgia has consistently been a player in his recruitment, though not necessarily a leader. Foster visited Athens frequently before switching his commitment from Alabama to Auburn.

“They are a good healthy team. They finish," Foster said. "Georgia don’t give up. It’s a good team to be at. I am still looking at Georgia.”

This is horrible news if you're an Auburn fan. Even worse, Mansell is also reporting that Foster will take official visits to Miami, Washington, Georgia and USC.

The only thing bringing solace to the Tigers 2-8 season was the fact that Chizik's 2013 class is looking very strong, especially on defense. Including Foster, the class features three five-star defensive players, and has them ranked as the No. 9 overall class in the country.

Frankly, losing him would be devastating for the Tigers.

Georgia is a very impressive program and they would be a great option for any elite defender, and when you consider that Foster used to go to high school in Georgia, it makes them even more interesting of an option. There's also the fact that Foster is apparently very close with Georgia commit Tray Matthews, and they are still trying to recruit each other to their respective programs, via Mansell's report:

“I talk to Tray a lot," Foster said. "He is still recruiting me there, and I am trying to get him here. I am just trying to see what this coaching staff is looking like. We are going to do what is best, what works out.”

It's hard to deny the fact that Georgia has a lot to offer the five-star linebacker, but if there's a silver lining to this news, it's that I feel the odds of Georgia being able to get Foster to flip are very small.

Foster has been a huge advocate for Auburn during their struggles—he's been very positive regarding their potential for the future and also in regards to coach Chizik—and he appears like he can be a leader and catalyst for change in the Auburn program. He doesn't seem to be like most recruits, and he proved that with the way that he talked about the Auburn program.

Like I said, he appears to be a leader and at least according to his words, he seems very sold on the Auburn program.

He believes in their future and he believes that he can be a huge part of it. It also doesn't hurt that he'll have two five-star defensive ends in Carl Lawson and Dee Liner lining up in front of him. The future of Auburn football will be much brighter than their present, if only because of Foster, Liner and Lawson, and they aren't the only good recruits that Chizik has brought into the fold so far.

As far as the other visits are concerned, while they may be troublesome for Auburn, they don't appear to be anything other than a recruit keeping his options open and being smart about the visiting process. He's allowed these official visits, so why not take them and at least explore other schools? It's the smart thing to do, and while him visiting other programs certainly won't help Auburn fans sleep at night, I believe they can rest easy in the fact that Foster has remained committed through this horrible season so far.

If the on-field struggles really were an issue, wouldn't he have flipped before now?

This season is undoubtedly a mess for the Tigers, but if they can just persevere and keep things intact (especially the coaching staff), there are some very bright days ahead for the program.

I believe the odds are in Auburn's favor in regards to Foster remaining committed to their program.

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