Headlines from the U-Net-Verse

JerseySenior Analyst IMarch 17, 2009

The Nets suck! Finally! And there are problems abound, what with Devin Harris being hurt and Yi remembering that he's Yi and all that. It's not a proud day for us Nets fans, but we can look forward to a lottery pick as we continue building our future.

But besides this bleak outlook, there are three Nets headlines that are worth sharing. One is very good; one is a tad unnerving; and one is Sean Williams.

The Golden State Warriors have cut Marcus Williams. Now you may recall this past offseason, when the Nets gave up on that project, and shipped Williams to Golden State for a first round pick. At the time, it seemed like a decent deal.

He was failing in the system, so the Nets got what they could for him. Sure, it's a lottery-protected pick, and it could potentially turn into two second round picks, and it may not even manifest until 2013. But it's a first round pick, and it cleared roster space.

With Williams out of Golden State, the Nets should be happy to have gotten anything for him. He continued to be a waste out there, and it looks as though the Nets made a very shrewd deal. It's not nice to bask in a player's release, but at the same time, it's nice to know the Nets still know how to job the other franchises.

In other news, Brook Lopez is getting a little ahead of himself. His comment that he can be "one of the greatest ever" may sound like great confidence to some, but I'm a little taken aback.

I mean, he's been great all year and he's proven to be a draft day steal, but he's only 20-years-old. One of the greatest ever? Let's not jinx anything here, Brook.

And finally, Sean Williams has struck again. He was arrested yesterday after—no joke—chucking a computer monitor at a cell phone store. You can't make this stuff up. I don't know why this guy has such a propensity for trouble.

He was finally back in the mix, but now is going to be suspended, and I don't think he's going to be a Net much longer. I met Sean once, and he was very friendly. Maybe he just likes Jews, I don't know. I'm glad I'm not a cell phone store.

Anyway, good bye Sean. With Marcus already on the market, you're about to join him as fellow former Nets first-round picks named Williams. That's a mouthful.