Paul Heyman: Who Else in WWE Will Join Brock Lesnar and CM Punk Under His Wing?

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Paul Heyman: Who Else in WWE Will Join Brock Lesnar and CM Punk Under His Wing?

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    Who is a Paul Heyman guy?

    What kind of superstar is a Paul Heyman guy?

    With Brock Lesnar and CM Punk currently associating themselves with Heyman, is Heyman done recruiting?

    Heyman has spent time as a manager, commentator and authority figure in WWE and has found success at each job.

    Heyman’s clients have gained many championships and accomplishments that he should continue to seek others and share his insight. He was a wonderfully useful mouthpiece for Lesnar and pushed Punk behind the scenes before assisting him as the top heel in the WWE.

    Let’s take a look at some possible superstars who could join Lesnar and Punk under Paul Heyman’s wing and wisdom.

Big Show

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    The current World Heavyweight Champion has to be the most obvious and most favorite choice to join Lesnar and Punk under the wing of Paul Heyman.

    Heyman and Big Show have a long history together. In 2002, Heyman turned on Lesnar and sided with Show. Four years later, Heyman turned on Rob Van Dam and helped Big Show win the ECW Championship.

    Sooner rather than later, Big Show will lose the World Heavyweight Championship. The sooner, the better. After Sheamus or Dolph Ziggler becomes the next titleholder, it would behoove Big Show to rejoin forces with Paul Heyman.

    Heyman could help Big Show attempt to win the title back, or just use Big Show to join Lesnar and Punk in destroying the entire WWE roster.

    Who could stop this trio?

    John Cena?

    No way.

Brad Maddox

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    Vince McMahon believes Brad Maddox is in cahoots with Punk and Heyman. Do you know who else believes this to be true? (Two thumbs pointing at self.) This guy!

    After helping CM Punk retain the WWE Championship against Ryback at Hell in a Cell, Maddox announces he wants to be somebody. With a $1 million contract on the line, Maddox needs to defeat Ryback tonight on Raw.

    This match could end two different ways.

    The first scenario sees Ryback destroys Maddox and shoves him in a box marked “Tampa, Florida.”

    The second scenario sees Maddox come out with the victory and the contract. How could this happen? By Heyman and Punk returning the favor to Maddox. Ryback is set to face Punk (and John Cena) for the WWE Championship next week at Survivor Series.

    With Ryback’s only loss being a controversial one, why not have Ryback lose again in a twisted way? Punk could cause Ryback to get counted out or by attacking Maddox, giving Brad the disqualification win and $1 million contract.

Jack Swagger

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    The All American American American American…is stuck in WWE. Earlier reports said that officials do not know what to do with Swagger, but won’t let him leave. Although those reports are now reported to not be true, it was not hard to believe.

    Swagger needs to start acting more like Kurt Angle and less like the Patriot. Who? Exactly.

    While there are fans who wish to see Swagger turn face, perhaps what he really needs is a great manager like Paul Heyman.

    Like WWE did with Angle, Swagger’s gimmick should highlight his past accomplishments more.

    If Swagger doesn’t turn face and join Team Foley at Survivor Series, WWE should pair Swagger up with Heyman, Punk and Lesnar in hopes of ending Swagger’s abysmal drop to jobberville.

Mark Henry

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    Here comes the Hall of Pain? Imagine the destruction Paul Heyman’s clients could deliver if Mark Henry were to join.

    As Henry continues to rehab from injury, it is obvious that he is towards the end of his career. Henry could easily serve as an enforcer for Paul Heyman’s group, despite having the ginormous Brock Lesnar on the team as well.

    Henry has returned numerous times before in an attack of another superstar such as Batista.

    Perhaps this time Mark Henry returns to assist Heymand Punk by taking out…Ryback.

    Feed him more?

    The World’s Strongest Man should satisfy Ryback’s nourishment quite well.

    It will be entertaining to see if Ryback can Shellshock Henry.

Michael McGillicutty

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    Who would be the “perfect” superstar to join under Paul Heyman’s wing?

    Well, the son of Mr. Perfect, of course, Michael McGillicutty.

    Joe Hennig has been seen randomly here and there on WWE TV. There are reports that Triple H is a big fan of Hennig and it is just a matter of time until he can use his real last name in WWE.

    McGillicutty needs to improve on his charisma and mic skills. If he can develop in both areas, he will finally have earned the right to be the next perfect Hennig and rising star in WWE.

    Just wait for when Paul Heyman adds another member to his new alliance, “I have the perfect person…”


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    The man formerly known Albert was renamed A-Train by whom?


    Paul Heyman.

    Every group needs a henchman.

    Think Mideon in the Ministry.

    Tensai would make a great henchman in a group led by his former manager in Paul Heyman. Sakamoto can still be there and get beat up from time to time.

    Let’s face it.The Tensai character hasn’t worked out too well. Tensai would become relevant again since taking part in the teased push of Tyson Kidd prior to Money in the Bank.

    Now if only Tensai had past experience with John Cena and a botched-move experience with Ryback.

    Oh wait…


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    Could we see a return of the Dangerous Alliance? Perhaps. Heyman already has the current WWE Champion CM Punk and Brock Lesnar under his wing.

    Who else will join him? Perhaps big destructive superstars in Big Show, Mark Henry and Tensai. And maybe Paul Heyman will add some young guns in Brad Maddox, Michael McGillicutty and Jack Swagger.

    Paul Heyman has proven he can make superstars and take them to the top of WWE. WWE should not limit Heyman’s services to just two top dogs, but allow him to have an entire stable. They could simply be called the “Paul Heyman Guys.”

    Are you a Paul Heyman guy? Could these superstars join CM Punk and Brock Lesnar and join under Heyman’s faction?

    Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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