Terrelle Pryor Heads to Ohio: What Is He Missing in Michigan?

Chris SamelakContributor IMarch 21, 2008

Judgment day finally came this past Wednesday. Buckeye fans and Wolverine fans sat with their fingers crossed, hoping the name of their school would be the one flowing from his mouth.

So, to the jubilation of those who are fans of the Ohio State University:  You won.

You got your guy, but I feel that Pryor made the wrong move.  This diehard Michigan fan believes he should have joined the Wolverines.

I strongly feel that Terrelle Pryor made the wrong decision here, but I do respect and understand his logic. He went with the school that he feels can prepare him for the next level in the best manner. 

Apparently he feels that Ohio State is much better suited to this kind of development than Michigan is.  I just wonder if he truly understands what he gave up the moment he decided on Ohio State.

Michigan has such a strong legacy and a storied football program.

Many former Michigan players have gone on to have great careers at the professional level, and many opted not to continue to the next level and succeed.

I hope he at least considered this. Going to Michigan to play football is a great decision. Then, if after four years you feel that you'd rather not go pro, Michigan is still a win-win option. 

I have not really heard of many great, legendary Ohio State products that have been successful in the NFL. And if I have they have only noted defensively, unlike Michigan players who have had great successes at the next level.

The collegiate accomplishments are heavily in Michigan's favor as well. Here are some stats from the University's site:


  • Most wins (869) and highest winning percentage (.745) in NCAA Division I-A football history
  • The most conference championships of any college football program in any conference (42)
  • The most winning seasons (110)
  • The most undefeated seasons in Division 1-A football (25)
  • One of only three schools with a winning record against every Division 1-A conference, including independent schools such as Notre Dame
  • The 1901 Michigan Wolverines football team is the only undefeated, untied, and unscored-upon football team to also win the Rose Bowl without being scored upon.

I wonder if Pryor looked at these numbers at all. It just boggles my mind. Why would he give up all that Michigan stands for and can offer?

I'm just interested to see how he holds up and performs. Will he flop? I would enjoy that a lot—though if he signed with Michigan and was a flop here, I would not be happy.

So if he does fall flat, better Ohio than us.