Should Sean Williams Get a Babysitter?

William Henry JonesContributor IMarch 17, 2009

Maybe the New Jersey Nets should hire a babysitter for Sean Williams.

They should call it something else so he will agree to it. He would not be the first player or the last to have this type of need. For example, Elijah Dukes of the Washington Nationals has one.

For those of you who did not hear, Sean Williams, the very talented 22-year-old backup center for the Nets, was arrested in Denver and missed the game last night against the Nuggets.

According to a published report in the Washington Post, he got into an argument with a salesperson at a cell phone store and tossed a monitor.

I can understand how a person could get very angry dealing with some people at certain retail locations, but throwing a monitor is just a little over the top. Maybe shopping somewhere else or possibly canceling his account with the provider would have been a more appropriate response.

I am not judging Williams. Based on what I have heard and seen of him on television, he seems to be a very nice and respectable young man.

I cannot relate to what it feels like to be thrown into the limelight at such a young age, so I can't say how I would react.

Most players adapt to being in the public eye better than others. I think it is up to the team to see who the potential problems are and work out solutions before the player spends a game in central booking, not after.

Williams had some problems in college and had an incident at Boston College a few weeks ago. The charges were dropped in that case.

I think based on his past history, the Nets now have enough information to suggest that they need to take action.

Each person is responsible for himself, but as a member of the "Nets Family", like any other employer, they should assist those within their organization who need help. I am hoping that Williams gets his act together for his sake, the sake of the Nets, and their fans.

Williams is in his second year with the team and has demonstrated great defensive skills and great potential. I am hoping that any off-court issues he has will not hurt the team in the future, and he is able to resolve these issues.

No one could know for sure if the Nets would have won last night if Williams had been there. With starting point guard Devon Harris injured, the last thing the Nets needed was to be short another player. Williams' presence would have been a big plus last night.