3 Key Vets You Likely Won't See on the 2013 San Francisco Giants Roster

Andy Liu@@AndyKHLiuCorrespondent INovember 12, 2012

3 Key Vets You Likely Won't See on the 2013 San Francisco Giants Roster

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    After the 2012 World Series, the San Francisco Giants are stuck with tough personnel decisions yet again. Although "stuck" may be the wrong word considering any team would kill to be in their position. 

    Two years ago, after the 2010 World Series, the San Francisco Giants chose to retain certain key veterans like Aubrey Huff, but to let others go like Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria. 

    This year they will have to ramp up their payroll again in order to keep the integral cogs of the team that went on the epic run through the playoffs. 

    Teams have to weigh the costs and values between sentiment and business. Even though Aubrey Huff was entering his declining years in 2011, the Giants chose to hand him a two-year deal with a third-year team option. 

    But for players like Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria, they simply let them walk away. 

    So far in this offseason, the Giants are close to re-signing Jeremy Affeldt to a three-year contract and Marco Scutaro to a two-year deal, according to Bay Area Sports Guy.

    Let's examine three other players that will pose a dilemma for Giants management. 

Melky Cabrera

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    The chances of Melky re-signing are slim to none. 

    Melky Cabrera, after his steroid investigation and fake website nonsense, will need a miracle to find his way back in the good graces of San Francisco. 

    Especially their leader, Buster Posey. 

    Posey himself was not happy when Melky left the clubhouse without addressing any of the players about his suspension. 

    At the time, Melky was leading the league in hitting and the best batter on the team. 

    However, from that moment on, the Giants went on a run through the World Series. 

    The only way Melky would have a chance to come back is if the San Francisco Giants were to lose Angel Pagan in free agency combined with an offseason injury in the outfield. 

    Prospect Gary Brown probably won't be ready for the major leagues in early 2013 and Gregor Blanco isn't a full-time outfielder. 

    With Hunter Pence stabilizing right field, the rest of the outfield is in flux. 

    So you're saying there's a chance?

    Very, very unlikely. 

Aubrey Huff

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    Aubrey Huff was bought out immediately after the World Series ended. 


    Nothing official, but Giants will decline $10 million option on Aubrey Huff and choose $2 mil buyout. They didn't get THAT drunk last night.

    — Andrew Baggarly (@CSNBaggs) October 29, 2012


    It was almost like Brian Sabean couldn't wait to rid himself of that contract. 

    Simply put, Huff has been terrible since signing a two-year deal after the 2010 World Series. 

    No amount of red thongs could help him hit a fastball right down the middle at this point in his career. 

    Huff struggled so badly that anxiety issues popped up throughout the season and he was relegated to a bench role. 

    Even though he is now a free agent, there is a chance that the Giants will retain him as veteran presence for 2013. It isn't like the Giants have many options at first outside of Brandon Belt—and random days of Buster Posey. 

    Huff hasn't announced his retirement yet so there is a possibility he comes back for another ride, this time via the veteran's minimum of course. 

    The likeliest scenario is that the Giants cut their losses now and move on with promising young first baseman Brandon Belt. 

    They also seem content with starting Hector Sanchez behind the plate and shifting Buster Posey to first on days he needs rest from catching.. 

Angel Pagan

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    From one no-name outfielder turned hero to another. Andres Torres, meet Angel Pagan. 

    Although Pagan has a much better track record and is one of the most underrated players in all of baseball, he may be asking a little too much for the Giants to afford. 

    Given his age (31) and past injury issues (playing over 150 games just twice in his career), he may not be a player that is worth $40 million over four years to the Giants. 

    Also, there is a strong possibility that a team that needs an outfielder and is willing to spend money like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves step in and pay Pagan over $50 million over four years. 

    Even though the Giants are saying that they will do everything to keep Pagan for the future, don't be surprised if he is another uniform in 2013. 

    The Giants appear willing to up the payroll, but with arbitration costs to players like Sergio Romo, Brian Wilson, Buster Posey and others, the payroll will inflate regardless. 

    Already close to signing Affeldt and Scutaro to contracts, the Giants may be hard-pressed to sign Pagan to a long-term deal for the future. 

    That's just how business works in Major League Baseball.