Driller Promotions Minnesota MMA Results: Matt Veal Submits Morgan Sickinger

Nick Caron@@nicholascaronAnalyst INovember 12, 2012

Driller Promotions Minnesota MMA Results: Matt Veal Submits Morgan Sickinger

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    Driller Promotions and the Sterling Entertainment Group were back on Saturday night, this time in a new venue: High Five Bar & Grill in Burnsville, MN for "Lockout."

    The event featured 10 professional and amateur bouts, including two women's fights and a main event between Bellator veteran Matt Veal and "Captain" Morgan Sickinger, two of the area's most entertaining fighters. 

    Veal was coming off of a tough loss at May's Bellator 67 when he suffered a TKO at the hands (and knees) of Will Romero and was looking to get back in the column against a game opponent back in the Midwest. 

    Also on the card was local favorite Ben "The Baker" Neumann who had suffered back-to-back losses coming into the night, but was widely considered one of the top prospects in the state earlier this year. The 26-year-old also needed a big win to get back on track.

Jay Paulsen (2-2) vs. Brandon Gardner (3-1)—175 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Gardner got a takedown almost immediately and moved right to the mount on Jay Paulsen. With almost the entire three minute round remaining, Paulsen was in trouble. Gardner struck down on Paulsen who was in big trouble and couldn’t get up. Finally Gardner wrapped up an arm-triangle choke and got the submission.

    Official Result: Brandon Gardner defeated Jay Paulsen by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:48 in Round 1. 

Amanda Rose (1-1) vs. Brooke Tibbets (Debut)—150 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Big leg kick from Tibbets buckled Rose immediately, who then shot in against the cage; no takedown. Flailing attempts from Rose, but Tibbets stayed calm and took her to the ground. Tibbets immediately moved to mount. Beautiful sweep from Rose, though, before she took any damage. Tibbets finally pushed her away and got back to her feet. Tibbets continued to look for leg kicks, but Rose kept moving forward and landing strikes with her hands. The fighters exchanged shots from the clinch as the round came to an end.

    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Rose


    Round 2—

    Nice takedown from Tibbets, but Rose got the sweep and ended up on top again. Tibbets was doing a good job of not taking much damage at first, but panicked a bit when Rose landed a few shots. She did kick her off though and they stood back up. Both fighters look exhausted. A slugfest on the feet again turned into Rose getting another takedown. The round came to an end without Rose doing much from the position but controlling much of the action probably gave her the round.

    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Rose (20-18 Rose overall)


    Round 3—

    Tibbet’s standup defense looked rough in this round as she was exhausted and took quite a few shots just seconds into the round. Another takedown from Rose led to her landing more from the top. She backed up and nearly let Tibbets back up, but moved back in and landed more shots instead. The referee stood things up as Rose stopped being active enough. Tibbets shot in for a takedown, but a nice sprawl from Rose led to her nearly taking Tibbets’ back. Rose landed from the back as the final bell rang.


    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Rose (30-27 Rose overall)


    Official Result: Amanda Rose defeated Brooke Tibbets by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) 

Brock Peters (2-2) vs. Sam Nelson (0-1)—150 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Big single leg takedown from Peters who immediately rained down with huge shots from the top. Nelson pushed him away but Peters’ ground and pound was vicious from Nelson’s guard! They get back up and Nelson went for a headkick but Peters blocked it. Another headkick attempt missed from Nelson and Peters immediately moved in and put him on the fence. Peters went for a takedown but Nelson tagged him and rocked him! Nice superman punch from Nelson who followed with a big knee to the body. Body punches to Peters’ left side and Peters is in trouble. Nice leg kick from Nelson and he landed more shots to the body and head as the bell rang to end the round.

    This was a very exciting round which saw both fighters land some big shots!


    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Nelson


    ROUND 2—

    Peters seems a bit worried on the feet in this round as he’s backing up much more than in the first round. Peters pushed Nelson against the cage and pulled both legs up for a nice double-leg takedown. Nelson pulled for a guillotine choke in the process and got the submission! Great win for Sam Nelson!


    Official Result: Sam Nelson defeated Brock Peters by submission (guillotine choke) at 0:44 in Round 2

Ronald Leonard (2-0) vs. Josh Wiseman (2-1)—145 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Wiseman pushed Leonard into the fence but only momentarily. Lots of movement around the age early in this one. MASSIVE belly-to-back slam from Wiseman! Leonard looked a bit stunned and Wiseman moved to side control. Leonard got back to his feet without taking much more damage. Spinning back-kick attempt from Leonard but Wiseman caught him and slammed him down again. They got back to the feet and Wiseman landed a nice body kick. Body kick from Leonard. Takedown from Leonard but Wiseman floated through it, ended up on top, then stood up as the end rounded.


    Bleacher Report Unoffiical Score: 10-9 Wiseman


    ROUND 2—

    They exchanged punches before Wiseman landed a big right hand that dropped Leonard. He let him back up. Wiseman with a trip down and ended up on top but a nice escape ended up with Leonard on Wiseman’s back! Wiseman confidently escaped and stood back up. Wiseman pushed Leonard against the cage but dropped his mouthguard and the referee stopped the bout to let him put the mouthguard back in. Wiseman’s mouthguard seems to be bothering him. Takedown from Wiseman and he moves into side control on Leonard. The round came to an end with Wiseman on top again.


    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Wiseman (20-18 Wiseman overall)


    ROUND 3—

    Body kick from Wiseman, but Leonard got a nice trip. Wiseman almost immediately got the sweep and ended up in Leonard’s guard again. Leonard worked for an armbar off his back but Wiseman stood back up and out of danger. Back on their feet, Wiseman landed a few more punches before Leonard unsuccessfully went for a trip. Wiseman got on top again and really began to control Leonard from the top. The round came to an end and this one went to the judges’ scorecards.


    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Wiseman (30-27 Wiseman overall)


    Official Result: Josh Wiseman defeated Ronald Leonard by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Elliot Laughlin (1-0) vs. Aaron Shaw (1-2)—195 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Leg kicks exchanged right away. Body shot from Laughlin but he lost his mouthguard in the process. Shaw shot in but Laughlin stopped him with a nice sprawl. Foot stomps from Laughlin against the cage. Body kick attempt from Shaw but Laughlin caught it and nearly took him down with the foot. Takedown from Laughlin in the final couple of seconds should have secured him this round.

    Bleacher Report Unofficial Score: 10-9 Laughlin


    ROUND 2—

    Big body kick from Laughlin and he moved in with some hooks with Shaw’s back against the cage. Guillotine choke from Shaw but he didn’t have it positioned correctly. Laughlin looked a bit tired but he suddenly exploded with a massive left to the jaw that dropped Shaw instantly in a vicious knockout!


    Official Result: Elliot Laughlin defeated Aaron Shaw by knockout (punch) at 1:53 in Round 2

Jack Shreffler (Debut) vs. Randal Rasmussen (1-2)—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Nice takedown from Shreffler early in the round but he was swept right away by Rasmussen. Shreffler grabbed the fence and got warned by the referee but then immediately locked up a beautiful


    Official Result: Jack Shreffler defeated Randal Rasmussen by submission (kimura) at 1:17 in Round 1

Bill Finn (1-3) vs. Codie Kahler (2-0)—160 Lbs—Pro

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    Bill Finn has an awesome, two-horned, braided beard that hangs down about a foot and a half under his chin.

    This was the first pro fight of the evening.


    ROUND 1—

    Hard leg kick from Finn early. Kahler shoots in against the cage and Finn pulls for a guillotine choke, even lifting Kahler off the ground, but Kahler escapes without being submitted. Finn kept looking for the choke but Kahler finally got him to the mat. Kahler went for an armbar but Finn swung right out of it and ended up on top. Finn landed some punches from the top but Kahler stood up. Nice knee to the head from Finn. They exchange some huge punches and Kahler finally drops Finn. Finn keeps fighting, but Kahler gets him to the ground applies a guillotine choke from the top. Finn taps!


    Official Result: Codie Kahler defeated Bill Finn by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:04 in Round 1.

Ben Miller (8-10) vs. Ben Neumann (4-2)

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    The next fight featured one of the top prospects in the state from about a year ago as Ben Neumann stepped back in the cage. After starting off his career at 4-0, Nuemann had suffered back-to-back first round losses to Billy Christianson and Cody Pasquale in 2012.

    Neumann looked like he’s been hitting the gym hard. He might be in the best shape he’s ever been in for a fight.


    ROUND 1—

    Back-and-forth striking before Neumann shot in and got a takedown. Neumann put Miller’s head against the cage and started to look to pass. Neumann moved into side control. Miller tried to cage-walk out of the position but Neumann kept his body positioned correctly and stayed on top. From a modified crucifix position, Neumann rained down with massive shots to the head and body. Miller was in some big trouble with a very highly skilled jiu-jitsu practitioner on top of him. Neumann saw an opening to grab an arm and applied a perfect straight armbar.


    Official Result: Ben Neumann defeated Ben Miller by submission (armbar) at 2:27 in Round 1

Rachelle Bacon (1-1) vs. Jessica Bulver (1-0)—130 Lbs—Amateur

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    ROUND 1—

    Bulver came out firing immediately, backing Bacon up. Her striking seemed to be on another level. Bacon fell to her knees and grabbed a leg but Bulver just pounded away at her head until the referee finally put a stop to it.


    Official Result: Jessica Bulver defeated Rachelle Bacon by TKO (punches) at 0:50 in Round 1


    Great sportsmanship shown by Bulver who thanked Bacon for taking the fight on short notice. This was Bulver’s third opponent change.

Matt Veal (9-8) vs. Morgan Sickinger (12-6)

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    ROUND 1—

    They exchanged big punches early but neither man got rocked. Knee to the body from Sickinger but Veal shot in for a takedown and put him against the cage. Sickinger escaped and came back in with a decent little combination. Veal went for another takedown but Sickinger stayed on his feet and landed a knee to the side of the face. Body kick from Veal. Sickinger put him against the cage and Veal pulled guard for a guillotine choke. Sickinger gave the thumbs up to his corner but Veal pulled it in tighter and locked up the submission.


    Official Result: Matt Veal defeated Morgan Sickinger by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:23 in Round 1