Mick "Mankind" Foley Elevated The Rock: Did The Rock Appreciate It?

arafat abdirahmanContributor IMarch 17, 2009

In 1999, one of the best and if not all time classic matches took place in the WWE then WWF.

The match was an "I Quit" match between Foley, the hardcore legend and the most decorated superstar in WWE/WWF, the ROCK for the WWF Championship.

What happened in this match shocked the entire wrestling fraternity and the Foley family, especially children found it unbearable to watch.

The Rock entered the ring first a midst cheering from the WWF fans. Foley followed suit and within blink of an eye the match was underway. Foley as Mankind dominated the early proceedings and beat the hell out of the Rock's candy ass.

Rock was very resilient and turned the tables on Foley.

As the match progressed some unusual things happened that got everybody on their feet that night...

First, The Rock hit Mankind with a jab that made him fall down and was almost electrocuted. Mankind survived the ordeal and continued with the match as if nothing had happened to him. I know most of you are now nodding their heads because you know Mick could never say "I QUIT."

Action went on in the ring and The Rock handcuffed Mankind. From this moment, I knew it was all over and the World was eager to see what it was going to take to make the hardcore legend utter the words "I QUIT."

Well it took several chair shots on the head from the Rock to make Foley go down, but he never uttered the words.

The shots were so hard that Foley's wife though she knew this was going to happen she could not bear to watch her husband being pummeled by the younger inexperienced wrestler.

It was planned for Rock to hit Foley with five shots, but the Rock hit Foley with 11 shots. That's why I said the inexperienced Rock by that time and moment.

Foley tried his best to absorb the headshots and he admitted in the documentary WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW that one shot could not always take him down, but that night he got more than he bargained for. It took a pre-recorded voice of Mankind utter the words "I QUIT" to end the match though Mankind himself did not Quit.


My questions are:

1. Why would The Rock hit FOLEY with 11 chair shots while they had agreed it would be five? Hope you will give me your taking on this.

2. Why didn't the Rock go to the locker room and check on FOLEY after the match?

3. Did the Rock really appreciate the fact that what Mick agreed to go through was to give hype to The Rock vs Stone Cold later?


According to Mick he said he did the match to portray The Rock as a hardcore superstar because the idea was to make him ROCK look more powerful than everybody in the WWE. By making Foley quit, The Rock received  much exposure and most fans knew him better after that.

Foley admitted to being bitter with the Rock for giving him more shots than they had agreed.

Was The Rock right to hit Mick 11 times while he knew he was suppose to do it only five times?

Was The Rock right when he never went to see Mick after the match? Do you think the Rock appreciated what Mick gone through for him?

Foley himself said that what made him even bitter was that he never saw the Rock after the match and that he was the one who went to look for The Rock after the match. He also added that The Rock never looked concerned at all.

Foley regretted doing what he put his body through for someone who didn't deserve it because The PEOPLES CHAMP NEVER APPRECIATED. I'm not saying he didn't but at least as per what Mick felt.