WWE RAW Rewind: Strength In Numbers Tops a Night Of Plot Twists

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 17, 2009


The show opens up with highlights of the anarchy from last Monday night’s RAW involving La Familia and John Cena. After laughing our asses off one more time, the show opens and goes live with the arrival of…San Antonio’s own Shawn Michaels!

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker vs. JBL & Vladimir Kozlov

Following the entrance of both superstars, HBK gets powered down by Kozlov. But thanks to some intelligence, HBK and The Deadman combine to send Kozlov out to the ground below. Back in the ring, HBK and Taker have control over the new Intercontinental Champion. Michaels is able to get control and land the Up Yours Elbow.

But as he goes for Sweet Chin Music, Kozlov provides enough interference to get JBL back on the offensive.

Kozlov comes in and gets control of the match before tagging in Layfield.

Kozlov comes back in and applies a massive bear hug on Shawn. As Kozlov goes for a choke slam, HBK counters it into a DDT. Both men manage to tag in their partners, with Undertaker getting the early offensive.

Taker has complete control with a few splashes in the corner followed by Old School, Snake Eyes and the Big Boot. He follows it up with a leg drop. As he goes for the choke slam, Shawn tags himself in and nails Sweet Chin Music on JBL to get the victory.

After the bell, Shawn drops The Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music as well. I guess we can consider this a message sent to the Phenom.

Back on the program, Edge and Vickie have their first encounter since the video was revealed last week. Vickie starts to apologize, but Edge cuts her off and says that he forgives her for her indiscretions. She then blames everything on Big Show. And Edge decides to say that Big Show doesn’t even love her.

But he also decides to place blame on John Cena as well. Vickie decides that if Cena puts his hands on her tonight, then he is out of the main event match at WrestleMania.

After viewing the video of the home invasion, we find out that Triple H is in San Antonio tonight to face Cody Rhodes. Randy Orton explains that instead of having a court deal with him, he is going to deal with him…himself.

Beth Phoenix, Layla, and Jillian vs. Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Melina

Mickie James and Beth Phoenix start the match with The Glamazon getting early control of the bout. Mickie manages to get out of the Dragon Sleeper, but she gets dropped again with a shoulder block.

Melina comes in and gets control of the match with a face buster followed by a Lou Thesz Press. Unfortunately, Santino gets caught with a kick to his Italian Grapefruits.

As Phoenix tries to get her hands on the former Women’s Champion only to get caught in a roll up by the current Women’s Champion to get the loss. As Santino writhes in pain on the outside, an irate Phoenix talks some trash on the inside.

After a sneak peek at Danny Fisher, John Cena’s character in 12 Rounds, we are informed that the match between Triple H and Cody Rhodes…is NEXT!

Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes tries to get control of the match early, but The Game decimates him outside before bringing him back to the ring. He then grabs a sledgehammer and sprints back into the ring.
As Triple H takes aim at The Legacy, Rhodes gets to his feet only to get dropped again with the Pedigree. As Orton and DiBiase try to get into the ring, Triple H signals to the top of the arena.

With that, a Steel Cage begins lowering on the ring. Triple H scares both Orton and DiBiase off before going back into the cage. Orton and DiBiase now have to watch this anarchy from the outside as Triple H tears Cody apart.

The Game tells Orton to watch this and immediately drops Rhodes with the sledgehammer before getting the pinfall victory. After the bell, Triple H stands on top of the cage and stares down at the remaining two members of Legacy still standing. He then stands above Cody Rhodes and continues to stare down his WrestleMania opponent.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets control of the match with some raw power and keeps control with a full nelson. But Rey counters the submission with a jawbreaker. Mysterio recovers and lands the Senton followed by the 619.

He then goes up top and lands the West Coast Splash to pick up the win and hand Ziggler his first singles lost of his career.

Following the match, we check out footage of Ric Flair arriving in San Antonio.

Chris Jericho vs. The four Legends

Jericho comes out and blames his loss last week on Ric Flair. He then calls out Ric Flair and continues to chastise the Nature Boy. Amid the “You Suck!” chants, Jericho continues his tirade towards the Hall of Famer.

Flair finally comes out…but he’s still in a suit. Following a barrage of salutes from the crowd, Flair makes it clear that he intends on staying retired. He says that he will not tarnish the great sendoff he got last year.

But he did find some friends who wanted to finish some old business. With that, Superfly, Rowdy Piper and Ricky Steamboat come out to the entranceway.

All four men come down and surround the ring. Then they all enter the ring and surround Jericho. All of a sudden, the three victims of Jericho’s attacks grab him and get some shots in…before Jericho slides out of the ring and gets popped by the 16-Time World Champion.

Back on the show, Jericho doesn’t take kindly to the embarrassment he just received last week. He then decides to challenge Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, and Ricky Steamboat to a match against him at WrestleMania…and he wants Flair in the corner…and Rourke up close and personal.

MVP, Kofi Kingston, and CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin, Kane, and Mark Henry

As Mark Henry continues the punishment on Kingston, Christian and Finlay share their thoughts at the announcer’s table.

After the six men are separated, Kofi tries to get back into the match as he is being leveled by Shelton Benjamin. Kingston is able to tag in Punk, who comes in an unleashes hell. The match begins to break down, but thanks to MVP, Punk is able to land the GTS on the United States Champion to pick up the win for his team.

In the back, Vickie is confronted by Big Show. Vickie is stuck with thoughts of Big Show’s manhood in her head. Big Show then confesses that he is the one that loves Vickie…and proves it by kissing her on top of giving her a compliment about her wardrobe.

As Triple H is leaving the arena, Todd Grisham asks him how he got Vickie Guerrero to agree with lowering the steel cage. As the Game gets into an awaiting vehicle, we find out that the person responsible for the Steel Cage was…RAW GM Stephanie McMahon!

John Cena vs. Edge (Vickie Guerrero as Special Guest Referee)

As Cena gets control, he goes for the cover, but Vickie decides to not give the count. As Cena argues with Guerrero, Edge gets control of the match. Cena then gets launched over the top rope by Edge, and Vickie can’t help but smile at the destruction going on outside the ring.

As Cena tries to regain his composure, Edge prepares for a Spear. But Cena ducks the spear and lands the Beantown Bomb. As Cena goes for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Vickie throws herself on top of Edge.

As Cena locks in the STFU, Vickie locks herself on top of the Chain Gang Commander. But The Big Show makes his way to the ring and joins Edge in a beat down of John Cena.

Following a Spear from Edge, Vickie then goes and slaps him. Show then throws a set of right hands on Cena’s stomach. Edge then drops Big Show with a Spear before basking in the anarchy of the carnage as RAW goes off the air.


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