The Nickel: Taker Gets Some "Sweet Music", Jericho & Orton Have Bad Nights

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

Orton/Triple H

Here we go again, how many times is this inconsistency going to occur. Orton punts Vince...gets beat up by Shane. That was one of many examples.

Last week Triple H breaks into Orton's home and the night ended with the game being arrested.

The feud exploded and everyone had to wait an entire week because Triple H was "in jail" during Smackdown. On RAW, Rhodes faces Triple H...WOW.

As soon as this match was announced I knew it was going to be a disaster. Of course Orton and DiBiease would come to Rhodes' aid, but a steel cage came down...SLOWLY.

I loved how the rest of Legacy watched the cage come down about 2 miles per hour and tried to climb it, really? Triple H had that trusty sledgehammer of course and hit Rhodes with it. The Game wins the match. He's happy, Orton isn't and neither am I.


I was a bit worried that the tag team match between Koslov and JBL vs Taker and HBK was the night opener. I thought it was the main event, but we got Cena vs Edge (great). The match didn't last too long.

I was grateful because JBL can't sell moves anymore and Koslov makes you want to take a nap....a long one. Taker was set for the chokeslam to finish off JBL, but HBK stole the thunder and superkicked JBL after he blind tagged himself in.

Taker tried to big boot him as HBK evaded and ran up the ramp from the deadman. When Taker was off guard not lokking, HBK gave him some sweet chin music for good measure. The moment I saw this, I knew it was the best the night was going to get.

Jericho and The Legends

If this is a preview for Wrestlemania then MY GOODNESS! WWE is going to be in trouble. Jericho didn't face Flair which was a good thing, but Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, and Rowdy Roddy Piper ambushed Jericho.

The ambush looked awful though I love these legends. Jericho couldn't sell this no matter how good he is, I'm sorry. After weeks of delivering, Jericho's segment finally drops the ball. At least Flair got a sucker punch in!

MITB 6 Man Tag Match

MVP, Kofi Kingston, and CM Punk vs. Kane, Mark Henry, and Shelton Benjamin. Christian and Finlay were ringside. The match was decent I suppose. It could have been better had it lasted a bit longer.

Of course CM Punk comes in with momentum that is unmatched and wipes the floor with Shelton, who never recovers the rest of the match.

Kofi takes out Kane over the ropes...hmmm have we seen this before? Shelton tries to attack MVP after Tony Atlas gets on the apron to distract Punk. MVP counters and Shelton gets hit with the GTS. Will the MITB competitors face again? We'll see next week.

Cena vs Edge

Why is this the main event? RAW really hit rock bottom and continued the trend for most of the night. My Wrestlemania fever has cooled down.

Anyway, during the night, both Edge and Big Show told Vickie Guerrero how much they loved her and how the other was using her. Edge must really want to hold on to that belt since he forgave Vickie, who was also the special ref in the Cena vs Edge match.

If Cena touches Vickie in the match, then he'll lose his Wrestlemania spot. Vickie spent the match trying to save Edge from the inevitable Cena butt whooping. She tried saving Edge from the 5-knuckle shuffle, the "Attitude Adjuster", and the STF. Big Show came out and Cena's destruction began.

He was tied to the ropes and Edge speared him while Big Show gave him some devastating shots. Vickie slapped him as well. The night ends with Edge spearing Big Show.

This main event wasn't great as I still believe that the Taker/HBK was the best part of the night, but a Cena butt whooping is always refreshing.