WWE Raw Mar. 16, 20009: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

The Good

HBK Superkicks the Undertaker - Loved it.  Match was horrible until the finish.  And thanks for cheapening the IC belt AGAIN by having the champion pinned. Please put the IC belt out of it's misery...you are painfully, slowly killing it. 

But Michaels, who showed a little pep in his step the entire time, kind of reminded me of a DX in its prime HBK, and that, my friends is a very good thing. Loved the sweet chin music when 'Taker wasn't looking.

I still don't think he has a chance in hell of winning at 'Mania, but I would love to see him play it up as a heel for a little while.

Cena Vs. Edge - For reasons I can't fathom, I don't hate this entire angle, though on paper, it may be the worst leadup to a Wrestlemania Main event ever.  The match itself was decent, though if Vickie was not the Ref, the impression was that Cena could easily beat Edge, which is not the best thing in the world. 

The ending, or lack thereof was predictable, so I won't count it against the match.  Overall, I thought since my expectations were low, they met them.


The Bad

The women's match - I will continue to give these "Bads" until Santino is allowed to do something else.



The Ugly: (Somewhere in the middle)

HHH - The Game destroys all - By itself, in a vacuum, maybe I could give this a "Good".  But I'm already past the point of being sick and tired of the weekly EGO boost that "Paul McMahon" feels the need to give himself. 

He foils three men at once all the time...and he destroyed Cody Rhodes.  Why? 

So everyone can marvel at the legend himself, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  I say this as a big HHH fan.  I still like him, but I'm not a fan of his "God Complex."  This "episode" did nothing to further the storyline.  All it did was weaken Legacy, which in the long run is horrible.

I didn't give it a bad, because at least the cage surprised me.


Rey vs. What's His Name - I've heard calls for more wrestling action, so I won't give this a "Bad", although it was a squash.  Seemed more like an excuse to hype the IC championship match with (yawn) JBL at Mania.

Yeah, that's better than having Rey in MITB, rather than Finley, or Mark Henry, or Kane.  ERRRRRRR.


Jericho Vs. The "Depends" Quartet

I feel kind of bad about writing that.  But there was no excuse for this lameness, after the big build-up. If he can't do it, I don't want him to, but imagine the POP if after Piper's music stopped, and the four were surrounding the ring, if all of a sudden, the glass broke, and here comes Stone Cold. 

Maybe I was hoping for it a little too much, but what they ended up doing was decent at the very best, but horrible is probably a more realistic word.  I still love ya, Ricky Steamboat. 

The announcement by Y2J after the match just tells us that we'll have bad wrestling action, with a punch thrown by Mickey Rourke, and probably a Stunner to end it.

HHH and Stephanie - It was cool to see HHH and Steph together. Although I found it eerie considering that Test just died this weekend, but I guess they can't help the timing.

I automatically thought of the Test-Stephanie wedding, with the footage of DX with Stephanie in the car. One thing I'd like to know though, is if you're going to show us Stephanie, why isn't she GM'ing the show? Oh, who care's about logic.