Team USA is the Reason WBC is a Complete Joke

Tony ArnoldineCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

The United States team has suffered from a number of injuries to players during the World Baseball Classic, something that prompted manager Davey Johnson to use catcher Brian McCann in left field during last night's game against the Netherlands.

Johnson even went so far as to say he would forfeit a game if the injuries became too prolific:

"I damn sure wouldn't want to be lynched or hung up in some city if I put (Kevin) Youkilis behind the dish or something," Johnson said, referring to the Red Sox first baseman. "I would definitely had to gone out and said we had to forfeit this ballgame. Yeah, I'd forfeit it."

A few things here.

One, it's never a good idea to use the term "lynched," Davey.

Second, this is the exact reason why no one—in America at least—is taking the WBC seriously.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the United States and its fans are the only ones who don't care about winning games in this thing?

Watching the Korea vs. Mexico game on ESPN last night felt like a World Series game, the crowd was so into it. Today it's Venezuela and Puerto Rico and, again, the crowd is full of energy and intensity, as are the players.

All we've heard so far is complaining about the injuries these guys have suffered. Dustin Pedroia came up lame and now all of New England thinks the WBC is "wicked stupid."

I know these guys aren't ready to play full games at this point in the spring, but to openly acknowledge that you would forfeit a game is pathetic. It's especially sad when baseball was created right here in the United States and is mostly run by Major League Baseball, an American league.