Is Jay Cutler Leaving Denver? Probably Not

Tim SeemanAnalyst IMarch 16, 2009

Trades between NFL teams are often insignificant in the short-term.  Late draft picks often change hands.  Practice squad linebackers change jerseys every once in a while.

But when a developing quarterback who has all the physical tools teams look for is on the market, there is the possibility that something major is going to happen.

Jay Cutler fits that exact description, but I don't think he's leaving the Broncos to play for another team any time soon.

The ball to trade him is firmly in the court of the Denver Broncos organization, and for those in charge in the mile-high city to even think about dealing this guy would be a blunder of grand proportion.

A quarterback of Cutler's mold doesn't come by very often.  Just ask the Chargers, Bengals, or Browns (Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, respectively).  

I know he's not a spectacular NFL quarterback yet with his sub-.500 winning percentage, but with youthful receivers growing around him, it shouldn't be long until the Broncos start putting things together offensively.

The Broncos would also be hard pressed to find a trading partner that would offer what they want in return.  They'd need a quality starting quarterback in return, and they've said that they don't want mere draft picks.

Cutler is also being irrational in asking for a trade.  Head coach Josh McDaniels might have enjoyed having Matt Cassell follow him to Denver, but chances are that he knew that there was only a slim chance of that happening.  He also understands that Cutler is a talented quarterback and that Cutler will be the guy best suited to carry out his offensive plans.

Cutler needs to understand that, too.  Did he see what McDaniels' offensive gameplans have done for guys like Tom Brady and Cassell?  Doesn't he understand that he has talented wide receivers that, along with him, could transform Denver from a team known for running backs to a team known for a lethal passing attack?

It just doesn't make any sense for the Broncos or Cutler to part ways with one another.  Both parties will realize that before long, and the sooner they do, the better off everybody involved will be.

Except for maybe Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit, and Tampa Bay.  Sorry guys.