Sooners Edge Out With a Two Seed

Chris FordContributor IMarch 16, 2009

The Oklahoma Sooners basketball team managed to get a two seed going into the tournament after really being disappointing in the ending part of the season losing three of their last five games going into the National Tournament.

But two of those games they were without superstar Blake Griffin. But there is no excuse for them getting out first round of the tournament to Oklahoma State.

Guard play is what the problem seems to be for the Sooners. Point Guard Austin Johnson showed promise at times this season but has all but disappeared this last part of the season. Shooting Guard Willie Warren has showed he can step up and take over the game for the team at times but he can definitely disappear too.

Guards not playing well going into the tournament isn't a good sign. The Sooners start out facing Morgan State. That game shouldn't be a problem. Clemson/Michigan there not gonna get easy but they should win decently.

Here is where it gets hard. They are looking to face Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen. Jonny Flynn, and Eric Devendorf could potentially expose Austin Johnson, and Willie Warren. This game is definitely going to be tough for the Sooners. Johnson and Warren are going to have to get their heads together and play some consistent basketball in order for OU to make a run in the tournament.

Then if they get through Syracuse it looks to be a North Carolina matchup. This has been highly anticipated. Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough has been one of the most hyped matchups in the nation. Griffin even said he would like to face North Carolina but it would definitely be a very hard win for the Sooners. Ty Lawson is considered one of the nations best players. He is a Point Guard so it looks like Austin Johnson would be exposed leaving the other players to step up.

I believe in order for this team to make a championship run they would need great play out of all starters. Blake Griffin shouldn't be any problem. Taylor Griffin has shown inconsistency at times but he kind of is what he is he can be productive. Tony Crocker can be a knock-down shooter at times but is very inconsistent. Now on to the Guards who could be the X-Factor in games this postseason. Austin Johnson has shown that he has deep range but reckless play and inconsistent shooting they are going to need deep range and a good assist to turnover ratio out of him. Willie Warren has shown superstar ablility at times but very inconsistent too they are going to need his game-changer superstar ability.

It seems a little out of the way to ask that much from this team but they are definitely going to need it against the match-ups they are going to face but anything is possible. They could go out and dominate if all the players play their full potential.