Lane Kiffin Is One Sly Fox: Signs No 1 Running Back Bryce Brown

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Well if people didn't have enought reason to hate on Lane Kiffin, he has really went and done it now. He just signed the nation's number one running back Bryce Brown. This after a very long recruting process that went well after signing day.

People were starting to wonder if this kid was ever gonna sign anywhere. Truth of the matter is he was heading to Miami. He already had signed with Hurricanes back in February 2008. 

Well Miami got mad at him because he decided to take his remaining five visits and he got mad at Miami for switching up offensive coordinators. Thus resulting in Miami pulling back the kid's scholarship. This let Sly Lane go in for the kill.

A lot of people think Lane Kiffin is a smart mouth spoiled little punk. At first sight it would be easy to come to that conclusion. However, if one would really sit back and ponder what is really up the young coaches sleeve they may come out with a different idea of the son of a "defensive genius."

I knew as soon as I heard about Bryce Brown signing with the Vols there would be someone insinuating that something fishy was going on. To my surprise only two stories have been posted. One of the two I read said Bryce Brown will end up in jail if he is the kind of character that would sign to play for a questionable character like Kiffin. Number one sounds like a bitter fan to me. Number two is that is really an ignorant comment.

The new Tennessee coach has really ruffled some feathers that's for sure. Accusing Florida coach Urban Meyer for cheating. Calling out Pahokee High School. Ripping shirts off at junior day (thanks to that crazy Ed Orgeron). Talking about beating Florida and singing Rocky Top all night long next season. Smoke machines and PA systems. Oh and what else? Oh yeah, he actually staged a fake press conference for the recruits.

Well first off the only overboard statement was the Meyer thing. It seems he learned his lesson there. Sometimes getting the boosters all giddy just isn't worth it. He called out Pahokee High School on the guidance of the recruits aunts so I really cant fault him there. He just said what he was told.

People may not like the half naked man approach but it went over with the recruits real well apparently.  The Rocky Top thing was a really light hearted comment. Get over it...Really! For those stupid petty infractions get off the band wagon people. Your teams get called for secondary violations as well. No one in their right mind can tell me they agree with those crazy rules.

Like it or not the "Kiff" is trying his best to rebuild a once proud program. He doesn't care who's feelings he has to hurt to do it. Read any article about the players feelings right now and all you hear is positive thinking. They are fired up. He isn't picking up just any 5-7 team. The same team was in the SEC championship game two years ago. Not to mention a defense that was in the top 5 in the nation returning, with potential Heisman candidate Eric Berry knocking peoples head off.

Of course none of it matters if the quarterback situation doesnt get straightened out.  However, if a former quarterback who has worked with the likes of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart cant figure it out who can? Also the offensive coordinater Jim Chaney mentored Drew Brees at Purdue for Christ's sake.

Not only did the young cocky coach end up with a top ten recruiting class he assembled a top notch coaching staff as well. So what if he had his daddy's help. If you had connections like that wouldn't you use them? Tell the truth now. 

So yeah the whole SEC is ready to get a piece of the Vols but the truth of the matter is the Vols seem up to the challenge. So be careful what you wish for because all the hype may mean something. Something like getting hit in the mouth with intensity for all four quarters.