Epic Volleyball Spike Sends Player and Spectator to Ground

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2012

One tremendous spike managed to send one player to the ground and trip up a spectator on the run away from the volleyball court. 

A tip of the hat to Yahoo Sports for spotting this video of a volleyball spike so wicked that it not only smashed a player in the face, it took out a fan as if they were some sort of villain and the ball was a batarang. 

The report states this is a match between Forth Madison (Iowa) Holy Trinity Catholic High and Winfield-Mount Union (Iowa) High, with no less than a trip to the state finals riding on the outcome. 

Winfield-Mount Union serves and that's when a Trinity player sets up one dominant backline player. She jumps in the air and sends out a devastating spike. 

The ball flies over the net and into the face of a player who had little time to protect herself. The report only mentions that she is on the ground for some time, so we certainly send our hopes that she came away from the incident just fine. 

While that moment is certainly scary, levity comes from the ricochet. 

The rare double knockdown takes place as the ball finds what seems to be the feet of some fan who just missed one hell of a spike. 

The spectator eats it and then quickly pops up and carries on as if there are far more pressing matters at hand. 

We certainly hope they got to the fire they had to put out and that the young lady was fine after what was the most awesome display of power and sheer luck have ever seen. 

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