Off Into the Night: My Wrestlemania XXV Dark Horse

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

As much as I dislike predictions about Wrestlemania XXV, I see this as some damn justice.

Is everyone ready for Wrestlemania XXV? Predictions run wild, spoilers run wild, mouths run wild, and even Hulkamania runs wild—ha!

Though a slew of matches are open for debate, I keep finding myself in the same old spot. I'm like a dog chasing his tail.

HBK vs. Undertaker will be one for the ages and Triple H-Randy Orton have taken "personal" to another level, but I find myself just thinking about the Money In The Bank match.

Some people just don't give two cents due to the presence of Kane and Mark Henry.

Henry is a big guy who just seems out of touch in this match. I'm looking at him as a filler. The other competitors are MVP, CM Punk, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Finlay, and Kofi Kingston.

People have been like zombies around Bleacher Report, stating something like, "MVP WILL WIN!" It is very much plausible as he has received a pretty good push lately, but I'm going to bank on Mr. Benjamin.

Though I'm very high on Shelton, I believe he has a shot here. Call him the "dark horse" this year. He has hit many great spots and has been in four MITB matches already. No need to tell me that his mic skills aren't on par—I know.

We've seen the curveballs WWE has thrown our way already. Christian to ECW, Orton faces Triple H instead of John Cena, Henry in the MITB. WWE likes to prove us wrong. No one believed Orton would come out victor in the triple threat WWE championship match at Wrestlemania XXIV last year.

Everybody assumed Cena or Triple H would. Orton won and jaws hit the ground.

What if Benjamin returned to ECW? I wouldn't want him there but what if? He could win that bad boy and cash it in on Swagger, since every MITB winner always goes for the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE title.

Am I a dreamer? Maybe. Is this madness? Not really.

With Henry, Kane, Finlay, and probably Kofi all looking like fillers, we can draw it down to MVP, Christian, CM Punk, and Benjamin.

Punk won last year, but losing the intercontinental title recently has some believing the straight edge superstar can win again. As popular as he is, I just can't see back-to-back victories. Christian is another favorite.

Instead of facing Swagger at Wrestlemania for the ECW belt, he's going into the MITB. If WWE wanted the strap on him, they would have just made the two face off at Wrestlemania, but why the MITB entry?

I say he's a smoke screen. People will be expecting the guy to win, just to fall short in the end. Remember, Vince isn't too fond of captain charisma.

Then we have MVP. He has received a push after his losing streak ended. He is no doubt a favorite and has a good chance of pulling it off. The recent buildup MVP has had looks like he could be poised for a run.

I'm a fan of MVP, but I still think this is Shelton's match.

Call me crazy, call me biased, call me a babbling idiot, it doesn't matter. I'm hell bent on seeing a run, and have a gut feeling that it will occur. The road to Wrestlemania XXV is closing in on its destination.

With the whole nation in a recession, who'll be the one with the money in the bank?