Is Tommy Dreamer Worthy of Another ECW Championship?

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

The ECW original Tommy Dreamer will retire if he does not win the ECW championship in a couple months, but does he really deserve be the champion again?

Tommy Dreamer is an original ECW wrestler famous for his extreme matches in the old ECW, and he is the only ECW original left. He also was the ECW champion for 30 minutes and he has a love for many people.

But in the last two years, I haven't seen something make me want to be less of a Tommy Dreamer fan, respect him any less for what he used to be and represented.

Of late I haven't seen the expert in extreme rules matches that he says he is. When was the last time we saw him winning one of the few extreme rules matches? His last victory was against Colin Delaney, and come on, let's get real here, who didn't beat that man?

Even my mother, who only watches ECW for John Morrison, thinks he sucks.

The first time that she saw him, she ask me why does this old and fat guy still wrestle?

She enjoys it when Dreamer loses and she doesn't know his name; she calls him the old guy. 

My question is, does he really deserve to be a champion?

People should pay attention to his pathetic attempts to bring his career back to life.

In my opinion, the time for Tommy Dreamer has run out; there are many superstars who really deserve to be champion more than him, he should have retired a long time ago, and it's too late to bring extreme back again.

There are plenty of other more deserving young wrestlers in ECW. 

I am not a Dreamer hater; I just think he has well passed his time to retire from the spotlight and allow the other superstars to shine.