Who Should Be the Next Superstar to Win Their First Major Title in WWE?

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Who Should Be the Next Superstar to Win Their First Major Title in WWE?
Photo: WWE.com

When you wrestle for any promotion, the main goal of every person on the roster should be to get good enough to be booked to win the top title.

The belts in wrestling might be given to whoever the booker feel is most deserving, which makes things subjective, but they also represent a milestone in a wrestler's career.

Just because you didn't win the belt in a real fight does not mean you did not earn it. Look at how Shawn Michaels reacted when he won his first WWE title. The tears flowed like the Mississippi.

WWE is filled with young wrestlers all looking to climb their way to the top and become champion.

Some of the best wrestlers in WWE have never won a major title in the company, but some of them have also not been around very long.

We can rule out Dolph Ziggler since he technically had the title handed to him for a short time, although many don't consider it a real title reign for the more-than-deserving Ziggler.

There are a few people who have what it takes to be a top champion who have yet to reach that level in WWE. Here are just a few people who could reasonably be the next first-time champion.

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