Georges St. Pierre: Champion or Cheater?!

James HizonaCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Hello MMA fans and fighters!! I am Balistik and welcome back "MMA ALL THE WAY!!"

Today's topic of discussion is the controversy surrounding the issue between UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn and Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre.

It seems that the camp of Penn filed a complaint against St. Pierre stating that his cornermen used illegal greasing substances that had a direct effect to the outcome of their title fight back in the end of January at UFC 94.

Apparently, Penn had major difficulties trying to secure a firm hold on St. Pierre which nullified his legendary ground game to nothing.

Granted, I watched the fight numerous times and I did notice that St. Pierre was having no difficulty passing Penn's guard, which is known to be almost inescapable by both Penn's opponents and peers.

Never have I seen someone pass Penn's guard so easily and never have I seen a B.J. Penn fight so lopsided that Penn was on the losing side.

It seemed that every time Penn went for a High Guard position his legs dropped as almost as if they were sliding downward. Between the rounds you can see St. Pierre's corner man rubbing down Georges' chest and back.

You can also see NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) officials wiping down St. Pierre with a towel before the start of each round. By wiping St. Pierre down with a dry towel would indicate that St. Pierre would be dried by the time the bell rang.

Then again, Penn camp also stated that St. Pierre's camp also ingested a substance into the Welterweight Champion that would cause him to be unnaturally sweaty during the fight.

Then again you have to consider that Georges is not just any MMA artist to step into the octagon. The guy is truly a super freak! He is the complete fighter and what is scary is that he is still getting better.

True, when St. Pierre was in Penn's High Guard position, Penn's legs seem to slide downward. But the way St. Pierre was positioned, he was posturing up while in the High Guard.

And yes, when you are in an MMA match you will start to sweat as soon as the second round starts and your body will start to get slippery no matter what.

St. Pierre did have a game plan. Do a single leg but hold it and make Penn gas out on one leg and then take him down. That is exactly what I saw. After the third round, Penn looked exhausted. 

Plus, Penn was being outstruck by St. Pierre as well. Penn could not utilize his dangerous jab on St. Pierre like he would use on other opponents. If this complaint were to go through, that would be extremely unfortunate for the Welterweight Champion and the image of Georges St. Pierre would be forever tarnished.

Well those are my thought, now I would like to hear yours! Do you think Georges St. Pierre is guilty of cheating? Is B.J.'s Camp just trying to search for excuses? or was St. Pierre's dominance over Penn truly a testament of the desire, training and work ethic of a true champion? Until then, this is Balistik, signing out!

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*Note: I want to send my condolences to the friends and family of Charles "Mask" Lewis, Jr.!! We Love you and Miss you!! Tapout and the rest of the MMA world will continue to make you Proud!!!!