Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIINovember 7, 2012

Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    Two exciting heavyweights are set to collide as Pat Barry faces off against Shane Del Rosario at the TUF 16 Finale in December.

    Both of these fighters are entertaining and have many advanced skills they can use to stop their opponent.

    This fight will be an excellent addition to the TUF card, as both men fight for the fans and always look to finish.

    Here is a breakdown of their respective skills.


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    Both men are accomplished strikers.

    Pat Barry is a former K-1 level kickboxer who is known for his power and vicious leg kicks. Out of Barry's seven victories, six have come by way of knockout.

    Del Rosario is a former two-time WBC World Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion. He has eleven total wins, and eight of them have been won by knockout.

    Both of these men have extremely efficient striking. It could go either way pretty easily, so no one wins this category.

    Edge: Push


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    Neither of these men are really known for their grappling skills.

    Both have used takedowns in the past, but it is not their go-to choice when it comes to MMA.

    Barry took Lavar Johnson to the ground and worked for a submission in his last fight. Likewise, Del Rosario has utilized takedowns in his previous fights to achieve fight-ending submissions.

    This is neither man's bread and butter, so no one get's it.

    Edge: Push


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    This should be an easy category to call.

    Barry has zero submission wins in his career.

    That's not to say he hasn't made great strides in his submission game. He was working for an Americana against Lavar Johnson early in their fight.

    Del Rosario, on the other hand, has three submission victories on his record. He's submitted fighters using an armbar, a triangle choke and an omoplata. He also holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

    Edge: Del Rosario


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    Both men have fought in other combat sports prior to joining the UFC roster.

    Barry has been in the UFC since 2008 and has fought nine fights under the Zuffa banner.

    Del Rosario, by comparison, has had only one fight in the UFC, but had fought three in Strikeforce before making his way over.

    UFC experience is invaluable and goes a long way in helping fighters get used to the pressure. Barry is a seasoned UFC vet compared to Del Rosario at this point.

    Edge: Barry


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    This fight will be mainly contested on the feet. That much I can be sure of.

    Both of these men are high-calibre strikers who throw powerful shots and aim to finish their opponents.

    I think Barry will find his range early against Del Rosario and win the majority of the stand-up battles in Round 1.

    I believe that, come Round 2, Barry will wobble Del Rosario with a hook and close for the kill, thus getting him back into the win column.

    Prediction: Barry wins via KO in the second round  

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