WWE Superstar: Is Heath Slater En Route to Reaching His True Potential?

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIINovember 8, 2012

Photo from tumblr.
Photo from tumblr.

Recently Heath Slater has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts. From lower-midcard jobber to the front-man for WWE's hottest act, 3MB. Then, almost over night, something happened that people probably never thought they'd see. Heath Slater began to look like a threat.

That may shock some people, (I was a bit surprised, myself,) but it seems like it just took some new gear, a new song and some backup for the red-headed Superstar to make his presence felt and it looks to be catching on. The crowd could even be heard chanting 3MB during Slater's match Monday.

Now, I'm not saying that Heath Slater is ready to go head to head with John Cena or Sheamus...but I think it's getting to a point where people can legitimately say Slater could probably take it to some of these midcard guys like Sin Cara and Christian, and it's getting to a point where one could even see him picking up a clean win.

Take last Monday night for example. Heath Slater took on Jey Uso, (or was it Jimmy?) and while neither man has been a singles star, honestly this one had an odd feeling in the fact it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Slater would pick up the win. No longer a jobber, Heath Slater looks to finally have hit his stride in the WWE—and he hardly had to change anything to do it.

John Cena went from a "prototype," to a rapper, to a super-hero as he climbed the ladder to reach his full potential. CM Punk went from a straight-edge superstar, to a would-be savior/cult leader, to the self-proclaimed "Best in the World," to a man on a quest for respect. Randy Orton was a arrogant pretty boy, who developed into a sadistic predator. Three of the top guys in the WWE have gone through transformations that you'd never see—changes that made them stars.

Yet, Heath Slater has hardly changed since NXT. He's changed his finisher a dozen times over, and he's changed his nickname just as many times but within that, he's always been the same guy no matter what he's chosen to be called by. "The One-Man Rock Band," a "Rockstar without instruments," "The One-Man Southern Rock Band," "The One-Man Band." Different nicknames, with the same meaning.

Heath has always been a loud-mouthed, annoying, egotist (face or heel) who could back it up in the ring, and it seems now he's finally getting a chance to put those traits on full display along with Jinder and McIntyre. The ability has always been there, but now Heath's finally opening his mouth and letting the world know what he's all about.

Rumors have been swirling (and will likely continue to swirl) about the main-event scene for next year, WrestleMania plans for this year and even plans for WrestleMania 30 and that's all well and good. However, if Slater and the rest of 3MB continue to entertain as they have over the past few weeks, I expect the midcard to have plenty of 3MB. I see a few tag titles, and I even see Slater claiming his first mid-card title sometime mid 2013.

As of now, Slater isn't ready to take the fight to Kofi Kingston—a man who's taken main-event stars to the limit (but hasn't really found the ability to seal the deal on most occasions.) Still, after a few months, Slater may be ready to take the next step and attain singles gold.