WWE SmackDown Results: Could Kofi Kingston and the Miz Pull a Double Switch?

Adam NystromCorrespondent IINovember 7, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and The Miz have turned what was once a championship rivalry into one of the best feuds happening in wrestling right now. They have given us four great matches, all memorable for different reasons.

First, we had the kick that gave The Miz a vicious cut whose scar is still visible weeks later. Second, Kingston won the Intercontinental Title on the best episode of Main Event since the debut of the show. Their third match at Hell in A Cell, while noticeably lacking the chemistry and synchronicity of the other two, still belonged at the top of the list of quality matches that night.

Finally, they faced off once more on last night's Super SmackDown, and despite The Miz once again targeting one of Kingston's legs, the Intercontinental Championship stayed around the waist of the champion. 

The Miz was visibly awestruck after the pinfall and looked as if he was finally ready to admit to both himself and the rest of the world that Kingston was a better wrestler. While Kingston celebrated, The Miz began to circle around again.  hat's when two very strange things happened.

The Miz offered his hand to Kingston.

Kingston answered with a dropkick to the face.

I sat there trying to process both moments and figure out which one surprised me more.

The Miz and Kingston have both been heel and face for their entire respective in-ring careers. Now, here are both of them exuding qualities that they have yet to show in WWE.

Kingston hinted during his post-match interview when winning his fourth Intercontinental Championship that a new side of him had begun to surface, but I did not expect anything so blatant as a kick to the face on his part to The Miz, who had extended his arm to Kingston a minute after the match had concluded.

Could this be the makings of a double switch in alignment? I expected The Miz to turn face at some point in his career, and given the scattered chants he was receiving on both Raw and SmackDown this week, he should not have any trouble taking on that position. 

Kingston, however, is not somebody I expected to be jumping to the other side of the fence, and certainly not this fast. If this sort of switch were done with no explanation whatsoever, it could spell disaster for both men and ruin what has been a fantastic program between the two.

Fortunately, plenty has been happening between The Miz and Kofi Kingston to put into perspective why people would start to cheer for The Miz and boo Kingston out of the building. 

The Miz was the victim of a beatdown by Ryback when he was first introduced as a member of Team Punk for Survivor Series. Before the triple threat WWE Championship Match threw things out of alignment for the teams, The Miz quit Team Punk and was quickly replaced by Wade Barrett.

This still leaves a vacancy for Team Foley going into Survivor Series now that Ryback is busy. You could argue that the spot might be taken by someone not yet back on WWE TV like Christian or Mark Henry, but if The Miz takes the opening, it would not only give the people a big opportunity to start cheering for him, but also it would cast a shadow over Kofi Kingston. 

There are a number of scenarios that could play out during the traditional Survivor Series match, and whatever they choose should involve Kingston getting jealous of The Miz despite being the Intercontinental Champion.

The feud could go on into 2013, perhaps even sparking interest in a Best of Five or Seven series if WWE is interested. This would allow the shift in characters to be gradual and not sudden until Kingston has finally had enough and completely snaps on The Miz, perhaps even laying out his old partner R-Truth in the process.   

This is all speculation based on one quick exchange at the end of SmackDown, and I have no idea if this is the direction they intend to go with Kingston and The Miz. At this rate, I would be content to see them continue their battles the way things are right now; they seem incapable of putting on a bad match. 

What would make things more interesting for everyone involved is if they pulled off a double switch and suddenly gave WWE fans two entirely new sides of The Miz and Kofi Kingston, opening up an entire roster of new opponents for each man.

This could get very interesting.