TNA Wrestling's Destination X PPV Review

christian orendorfContributor IMarch 16, 2009

Ok, so last night's Destination X was one of the great one's in my book. I found a few problems in which made me miss the first five minutes of the event due to rebooting my DVR because of messed up audio, but let me begin my review...

The Beautiful People -vs- Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, and "The Governor"

This match was ok, I wouldn't say that it was the best in the world. For an opener, it had some good spots, Roxxi pulled off a pretty devastating sit down powerbomb. 

It ended in traditional fashion of any tag team match, as everyone got into the ring to fight, but in the end, the Beautiful People got the shaft once again. Not the most memorable match of the night, but it was alright.

Brutus Magnus -vs- Eric Young

This match I believe was crap.  EY came out to accept the open challenge Magnus set forth, and it was quite the bore fest. EY keeps trying to push himself, yet he gets stuck in this jobber position which is unsettling to me. 

I almost wish he would go back to that underdog role he used to have, it worked better, plus he won more matches. Anyways, there were some decent spots in this match, but in the end, Magnus got the win. And it begs to be asked...Does anyone actually care to see Brutus Magnus at all?

Matt Morgan -vs- Abyss

The match of a thousand tacks. This was a decent match between the two powerhouses. Both got in some pretty good spots, and teased throughout the match the usage of the tacks.

Abyss set himself up for the fall, and I already suspected that Morgan wouldn't go through the tacks, seeing as his body is his moneymaker for American Gladiators, and his potential TV and movie future. 

But Abyss lost the match when he was kicked off the entrance ramp, through the two cases of tacks that Abyss himself set up earlier in the match.

I thought the only downside was that I felt Lauren should've came down to check on Abyss after the match, but she didn't even show her pretty lil face.  Ah well.

ODB's One Night Stand Finals

So, this was priceless.  ODB comes out looking somewhat decent for a change, and they call out the three finalists...a redneck, Shark Boy, and some old douche in a suit. 

They say some stupid phrases to her, do the worst dance off I've ever seen, and even tribute the late Dale Earnhardt. In the end, ODB has to make the decision, and she chooses the redneck with the mullet and mutton chops, nothing I didn't already expect. 

Shark Boy actually tries to change her mind, but JB sends him on his way as ODB is happy with her choice.  Ah well, I hope she wrecks the redneck lol...

Awesome Kong -vs- Sojurner Bolt

This match had a lil' hype to it, so I really was expecting more than what we got.  Sojo really did not show the quality I was hoping for out of her. This was basically the same Kong squash match we've grown to know and love. 

Sojo tries her best to win, even taking Kong outta the ring for a bit. But Kong is too powerful, and wins with her same old powerbomb.

Nothing we haven't seen before, but its making me wish they would actually give someone else a shot at a title run, the Kong show is getting stale. I'm not saying Sojo is the one deserving of the shot, but I'm saying we need a new champion to help bring the Knockouts Division to another level.

Scott Steiner -vs- Samoa Joe

I was waiting on this match, and it did deliver, although not in the manner I expected.  Joe from the get-go beat the crap outta Steiner, not giving him a chance to recover or anything. 

Joe was relentless, and cut Steiner open to bleed within the first ten hits.  It was ridiculous. 

So, Steiner somehow gets outta the ring and grabs his signature pipe, and Joe somehow gets it and clubs Steiner in the back of his neck. Priceless. So the ref calls the match over within a minute, and Joe beats the crap outta not one, but two refs, and continues to beat the crap outta Steiner.

He literally takes Steiner outta the Impact Zone, still beating the crap outta him.

Let me say this...I LOVED THIS. Although I wish the match was longer than five minutes, and I wish Steiner had gotten choked out as well.  Sorry, but even the fans in the ring agreed...JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU...

AJ Styles -vs- Booker T

This match was amazing.  I was really into this from the beginning to the end of the match. Truly, this felt like the second best match of the night. This was a fast paced, action packed match between AJ and Booker. 

Both got off their spots, and really, there was no feel at any given point that one wrestler truly had the upper hand on the other. I really was happy to see that AJ won the match, and won the Legend's title in the process.

AJ has been the work horse of the company for so long, its good to see him be the first grand slam champion (meaning he has held all the belts in the company) of TNA Wrestling.

Hopefully, these two can have a rematch at Lockdown because this was truly a great match to watch.

Team 3d -vs- Beer Money

This match was disappointing.  Beer Money made fun of Team 3d early on, but then went on to be dominated by Team 3d.  It got to the point that Team 3d almost won the match a couple times, pulling almost all of their spots on Beer Money. 

But Beer Money decided to cheat, and blatantly got DQ'd by utilizing a chair on Brother Ray.  So, Jim Cornette comes back and states he is reinstating the match, now making it No DQ rules. 

So, Beer Money grabs the titles and run out of the arena, getting counted out, but retaining the titles.

I was hoping for more, but would could I expect?  I'm believing now that this is for the push for Lockdown, saying that Beer Money will have nowhere to run with the steel cage in place.

Ultimate X Match

This match was my favorite of the night.  It was literally a spotfest for the five X-Division stars, being Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, and Suicide.  It started off strong, with the two tag teams and the wild card doing moves some thought 10 years ago would've been impossible to pull off. 

So many went for the belt, only to be shunned by the others in the match. The Motor City Machine guns proved how great they were as a tag team, but Shelley started favoring an injured leg through the course of the match, I hope he is ok. 

Anyways, Suicide did a flying jump from the metal beams which held up the Ultimate X cables, pulling down the belt for the win to become the new X-Division champion.

It really did show Suicide's true colors however to be Christopher Daniels.  That was the same movie Chris did years ago to win the belt, which they had even highlighted Chris's leap in the preview video before the match.

I hope he pulls off the mask to prove who he really is, I want my Christopher Daniels back! 

Sting -vs- Kurt Angle

You know, for all the hype up this match had, for centering all of the Impact tapings on this, I was very disappointed. Sting was not in one of his better forms in this match, and I felt that Kurt did carry him for a lot of this match.

Kurt wasn't in his best of forms either, but he still held his own. 

Anyways, the usual happens, Kurt gets angry and takes out the ref (Jarrett), then proceeds to try and attack Sting with a weapon. Foley, as the guest enforcer, stops him, but gets a kick to the balls for his trouble. 

Kurt then tries for the pin twice, only for the two count. Kurt then spits in Jarrett's face, and Jarrett punches him in the face, which leads to Sting rolling up Kurt for the win.  Kurt then chases Jarrett up the rampway, as Sting celebrates with Foley in the ring.

Now, I enjoyed this ppv, it was worth the buy for some of the matches.  I was disappointed during certain segments, but overall, I was glad I watched it.  Now that this is over with, in the words of Mick Foley, have a nice day!


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