NCAA Tournament: Can We Talk About Who Got In, Not Who Didn't?

Jeremy NoelContributor IMarch 16, 2009

I'm just like everyone else. I tuned in to hear all of the bracket banter and breakdowns on Sunday night after the NCAA tournament selections were made. Unfortunately, the biggest discussions were about the teams that didn't get in, rather than those that did.

Certainly, the Jay Bilas-Dick Vitale head-to-head showdown was one for the ages. But did Saint Mary's really get snubbed that badly that it had to eat up the first half-hour of ESPNU's "Bracketology" show?

I don't think so.

Of course, I have said many times, Vitale offers little to nothing in terms of analysis and insight on any game or show that he appears on. Evidently, if you talk loudly enough, people just assume you are right and know what you're talking about. And give credit to Vitale, he's made a career of doing just that.

For the umpteenth year in a row, Vitale predicted that all four No. 1 seeds would reach the Final Four. Thanks, Dickie V, for really digging deep and making some predictions, since that has only happened once in the history of the tournament—last year.

Now, evidently Saint Mary's was the darling of snub analysts everywhere, with its strength of schedule (or lack thereof) coming in at a stellar 159, and bowing to Gonzaga for a third time in the West Coast Conference tournament.

Yeah, the committee could have made a case for the Gaels to get a bid. But with such a bad schedule strength and an obvious lack of ability without their leader Patty Mills, I don't think March Madness will be lacking without a second WCC team this year.

Let's be honest, this was not the year of the mid-major teams. The power conferences ruled the nation and will most likely rule the NCAA tournament this year as well. Certainly, there will be at least one Cinderella to emerge this weekend, but probably not to last beyond that.

And you know what? That's alright. It will be a great tournament, as it always is, so let's worry about the teams that are in and stop throwing pity parties for those that aren't.

It's much more fun that way.

Let the debates and the madness begin for the 65 teams that are dancing on.