Through All the Years, Radio Is Still the Best Way To Enjoy the Race

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

NASCAR has come a long way since 1949.

All the tracks are paved, all of the cars are sponsored, electronic scoring, televised races, computers in the garage area, but one small thing hasn't changed.

Besides being there, radio is still the best way to enjoy the race.

No, not the Performance Racing Network (PRN), which one of their broadcasters thinks that Richard Petty's final year was 1993! Yes I'm serious, and this guy still has a job.

I'm talking about the original: The Motor Racing Network (MRN).

Also known as MRN Radio "the voice of NASCAR."

Lead broadcasters Joe Moore and the above pictured Barney Hall have been bringing exciting racing action, flag-to-flag coverage to our radios for over 25 years.

In the opening, they start off with a classic race at the track they are racing at. They'll give you a little bit of that race, and you hear Joe and Barney calling the race.

Then they'll go into their pre-race show called "NASCAR Today." This simple title is awesome, because it was the original pre-race show.

Plus, it's actually interesting. They interview people that the fans want to hear from, not Digger and friends garbage, that should be on the Cartoon Network or something, but crew chiefs, car owners, drivers, crew members, anybody that is interesting.

After that we get the starting lineup. First of all it goes backwards from 43rd on up, and each driver states their name, hometown, sponsor, and manufacturer.

That gets you so jacked up for the race

And once the race begins, oh its quite awesome. These commentators are not out for themselves, the most important thing to them is bringing a race to the listeners.

They do turn to turn action, with Mike Bagley, and Dave Moody and others. Each commentator is assigned to a certain section of the race track, but their voices mesh together so good you don't even notice, and you hear the cars in the background, screaming.

Then they go to Joe and Barney. Their southern twang makes you feel like everything in the world is great again, and for those three to four hours, it is.

In the garage area, is lead pit reporter Winston Kelly.

He gets interviews that people on television never get.

The drivers will say exactly how they feel to Winston, because there is no cameras, and they feel as if they are talking to a friend and not a reporter, and will say if someone wrecked them or if they're mad at someone.

MRN Radio, is still the best way to take in a race. No garbage, on the radio, and it is all about the race, not the advertisers.

The pre-race show is interesting and there is no Digger! No Digger at all. So when your sick of Digger, and Chris Myers, and broadcasters who talk too much, then turn on MRN Radio, and enjoy the race!