Young Girl Destroys Youth Football with Tiny Beast Mode Swag

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Beast mode does come in small packages. 

A tip of the hat to Big Lead Sports, who spotted this video of a little girl destroying a bunch of boys on the football field. 

You can't keep this girl down, because she is on a mission for the end zone, leaving little boys in her wake. 

Just as Big Lead Sports does, we rely on the captions in the video to tell us the scant details that are still rather remarkable. 

This is Sam Gordon, who has run for "1,911 yards on 8.2 yards per carry and has scored 35 touchdowns." We also second the report's question as to why any kid is running the ball 233 times. 

When a kids' team has a touchdown guarantee like Gordon seems to be, it finds any way to get the ball into her hands. 

In fact, we can pretty much tell you how the huddles go in these games.

The kids get together to talk about what the postgame snack situation is looking like and then settle on the same play they ran the rest of the game: Get the ball to Sam, and get out of the way. 

It turns out the most dangerous thing in sports is Sam Gordon with a football, because the only time she stops running is when she gets into the end zone. 

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