BLEACHER GATE: Episode 2 (History of Toryumon X)

Alex VeleyCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Toryumon X was never a full time promotion. Nor was it ever meant to be. Toryumon X was simply a offshoot of the Toryumon promotion (Which later became Dragon Gate).

What was Toryumon X? Toryumon X was in a sense the feeder league for Toryumon. But unfortunately due to Toryumon X being sold, most of the wrestlers trained by Toryumon X were lost and essentially left in eternal purgatory.

Their training was never completed and the new owners of Dragon Gate had no control over them as Ultimo Dragon ended Toryumon X right before the selling and had no plans for them.

But enough with the history, what made Toryumon X notable? It only lasted from 2003 to late 2004 and there were only five classes.

In reality, Toryumon X had very little effect on Dragon Gate itself, but it had a huge effect on training some of the best young talent in the world today. 

One of the most obvious choices is Takuya Sugi. Sugi debuted as Mini CIMA being a parody of Dragon Gate’s Ace at the time. His small stature and his seeming ability to be able to improvise new moves in the ring at the drop of a hat made him a success.

He was never successful in Dragon Gate itself (which is odd considering he was the most successful in Toryumon X) he was able to gain a name for himself under many different monikers around the Japanese circuit.

His work ethic and open usage of marijuana has spelt the death of his career.

This example sounds like the story of the life of almost every Toryumon X member. Lost in a series of circumstances so small and mistakes that was in reality the bookers fault as much as the wrestler.

Much talent was lost that would have made Dragon Gate much better today.  One obvious example of booking flaw was the second Toryumon X class, which had the debut of rising NOAH sensation Taiji Ishimori.

Ishimori was chosen to be the face ace of Toryumon X and part of a stable with Kei and Shu Sato (Identical Twins) whom are most famous for their work on the Japanese indies currently as a pair of KKK Zombies amongst other odd gimmicks.  But what made Toryumon X unsuccessful and eventually was its downfall was how it started.

Toryumon has always been very faction based. And I am sure it always will. Toryumon X was fundamentally no different. It started off with two factions and the face faction was a male pop band made up of Taiji Ishimori and Kei and Shu Sato.

While all three men are great wrestlers in their own right the pressure of being the aces of a promotion that drew hundreds and sometimes even thousands is too much for any young wrestler.

Even though the Sailor Boys were good at their gimmick and even released a musical CD, they couldn’t keep up with the pressure of having a bad gimmick and being the face of a promotion.

This bad booking and the fact that their enemies were a Mariachi band screwed the pooch when it came to Toryumon X.

In closing, no one has ever become a full time member of Dragon Gate from Toryumon X, but it has put some of the best indie wrestlers in Japan out into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, Ultimo Dragon's poor booking and circumstance ruined it for everyone.

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