Jay Cutler, LeBron James and More Pick Sides in Pivotal Presidential Election

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 6, 2012

The country is split on who should be our next president, and that includes the athletes who we look to as a great source of entertainment. 

As you will see, some votes of confidence are better than others.

SportsGrid has a great list of a bunch of sports stars and which way they are voting in Tuesday's presidential election. 

Both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama claim some big names that they will no doubt be proud to have. And then there are the Jay Cutlers of the group. 

Please, let's keep things civil in the comments section. Let's steer clear from picking apart each other's politics and instead make fun of athletes, like civil human beings. 

Let's begin with Governor Mitt Romney, who claims the following athletes' votes: Jack Nicklaus, Bobby OrrJohn Elway and Peyton Manning.

While those are great names to have among your supporters, poor Mr. Romney also claims the votes of Cutler and Alex Rodriguez, hardly the most popular kids in class. 

We imagine Cutler hit the polls with a cigarette in his mouth, being just as grumpy as he ever was. As for Alex Rodriguez, he will gladly hit the polls just to say that he connected with something in the last couple of months. 

The president has his fair share of sports stars as well. 

LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan have thrown their All-Star weight behind the Obama for four more years. 

Then again, he also received a nod from Michael Vick, who may be sacked far before he ever gets to a polling place. 

While it's imperative to get out there to vote, it's beautiful to know that no matter what happens, these cast of crazy characters will be here after Tuesday. 

With a day that is filled with serious issues that demand our attention, it's nice to have a sports respite after the election dust has settled. 

Now make like these athletes and get to voting. 

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