Michael Vick: Philadelphia Eagles' Problems Not Down to Troubled Quarterback

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 6, 2012

Michael Vick and the Eagles have lost 4 straight games, but is sitting Vick the answer?
Michael Vick and the Eagles have lost 4 straight games, but is sitting Vick the answer?Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

After another big loss, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-5. After the loss to the New Orleans Saints, Andy Reid was quick to defend his quarterback, stating that Michael Vick would still be the starter next week. 

A lot of people have pointed to Vick as the main reason for the Eagles' struggles this season. While Vick may be part of it, it certainly can't all fall on him. 

The Eagles have been underachieving for the last two years. They put together their "dream team" last year and have looked more like a nightmare since.

Vick hasn’t been the best QB, with nine interceptions and four fumbles in the first half of the season, but there is a lot more wrong with Philly than one QB. 

The Eagles are losing for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is the defense. The Eagles defense looks decent on paper, ranking 15th in passing yards allowed and 16th in rushing yards allowed, but the issue isn’t the yards allowed. 

The main issue with the Eagles defense is that they’re letting other teams hang around. Only one game this season has been decided by more than two possessions. The Eagles are always right there, but they just can’t get it done late in the game. 

However, this isn’t all on the defense, either. The big issue for the Eagles is that they stay right with teams all game. This puts a lot of pressure on the offense and defense, who are forced to make one or two big plays late in the game. 

If Philly’s offense could make big plays throughout the game, they wouldn’t have to deal with all of the pressure in the red zone at the end of the game. If the defense could perform well through the whole game, it wouldn’t come down to one or two possessions in the fourth quarter. 

The Eagles just haven’t had the killer instinct this season to go out and beat a team (except the Cardinals). The Eagles are playing close games that could go either way and are finding themselves on the losing end due to a few bad plays. Every week it seems like a new unit isn’t showing up.

For example, it was the offensive line on Sunday night against New Orleans. The Saints sacked Vick seven times. Vick was running for his life all night, which caused bad throws on a few occasions. 

The Eagles are struggling this season, but that isn’t all Vick’s fault. The Eagles are playing poorly as a team. Sitting Vick down would just hurt Philly that much more.