4-Star LB Alex Anzalone's Tweet Is Huge Win for Notre Dame, Big Loss for Florida

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 6, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

With one simple tweet, 4-star linebacker Alex Anzalone effectively nullified all the rumors surrounding him regarding a potential flip from his commitment to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

After a few tweets about the recruiting process as a whole, Anzalone reaffirmed his commitment to Notre Dame via his Twitter account:

With that, I want to reaffirm my commitment to Notre Dame and shut down my recruitment completely with all other schools. God bless!

— Alex Anzalone (@AlexAnzalone_24) November 6, 2012

This should essentially shut down the rumors that Anzalone may be considering a flip, and it's a huge moment for Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish's 2013 recruiting class.

Along with 5-star linebacker Jaylon Smith, Anzalone is one of  the premier recruits in their class, so getting a public statement like this should be very encouraging for Notre Dame. It's an even bigger win for the program considering that many had thought Florida was a major threat to steal Anzalone away from his commitment to Notre Dame.

Here's what Mike Farrell of Rivals.com tweeted a few weeks ago when Anzalone had to cancel a visit to Notre Dame:

Alex Anzalone cancels #NotreDame visit according to sources, sign no 2 he's destined to #Gators ?

— Mike Farrell (@rivalsmike) October 19, 2012

There was obviously a ton of speculation surrounding Anzalone and the Gators, but all of that should be effectively put to rest with this recent tweet from the 4-star linebacker.

It's tough to get any more definitive than Anzalone did it his statement. He could have said a number of things, but the way that he worded his statement leaves no room for interpretation.

He'll be shutting down the process with other schools, and that's all there is to it.

While this is certainly a big-time win for Notre Dame, the Florida Gators can't be feeling too good about the door being closed on their face...

Anzalone is one of the more talented prospects in the nation, so he would have been a gigantic steal for Will Muschamp and the Gators. With all the hype surrounding their chances of getting Anzalone to flip, the Gators had to have been feeling pretty positive about the possibilities. I can only imagine that this has to sting a little bit if you're a Gators fan.

In the end, despite all the speculation and hype, nothing has changed in regards to Anzalone's commitment to Notre Dame.

This is a big win for the Notre Dame program, but it's also just as big of a loss for Florida.

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