The Miz: Why Former WWE Champion Is Nearing a Face Turn

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2012

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Since The Miz's debut as a wrestler in WWE back in 2006, he has always been a heel.

Not many fans thought that he would make anything of himself, but he was able to become WWE Champion and compete in a WrestleMania main event. Miz has fallen on hard times as of late, but a face turn could be just the thing to put him back on track.

Aside from John Cena, The Miz may very well be the WWE's most visible presence outside the ring in terms of promoting the product.

He appears on talk shows fairly often and has even been chosen to star in a couple movies, including The Marine: Homefront and an upcoming ABC Christmas movie. Those simply aren't things that heels are normally asked to do.

The Miz has done a really nice job of playing the cocky, annoying persona over the years, but now is the right time for him to take the next step in his career.

Cena is the unquestioned face of the company, and Ryback has a lot of momentum right now, but the WWE desperately needs more top faces in order to counteract the amount of heels currently on the roster.

Randy Orton could still be a top guy, but the WWE seems to be wary of putting him in the main-event scene due to the fact that he has twice violated the talent wellness policy.

The WWE tried to elevate Sheamus, and he has certainly evolved into one of the company's biggest faces, but aspects of his World Heavyweight Championship run were quite boring. That prompted the writers to transition the title to Big Show.

I don't view Big Show as a long-term champion, though. Putting the title on him has certainly shaken things up on SmackDown, but he's a veteran who doesn't need the World Heavyweight Championship to get a reaction. Sheamus benefits from the title much more than he does, but it's understandable that the WWE wanted to freshen up the title picture.

Provided Big Show beats Sheamus at Survivor Series, he'll need a new challenger. The only obvious option at the moment is Orton, but we've already seen Big Show and Orton feud, and it's nothing to write home about. Having The Miz turn face would be new and exciting, however, and it would really make SmackDown worth watching again.

The Miz has been doing some face-like things lately. Big Show talked down to him on SmackDown, and he quit what was once Team Punk for Survivor Series. CM Punk walked out on him and the rest of his teammates during a brawl on Raw last week.

Miz then proceeded to have a fantastic match with Sheamus this week, and his usual theatrics were visibly absent. Rather than being smug and arrogant in the ring as he usually is, Miz just wrestled a hard-fought match and came out of it looking really good.

All it will take to turn him face at this point is one defining incident, and I believe it will happen soon enough with Big Show pushing him past the boiling point somehow. That would then allow Miz to feud with Big Show and pursue the world title.

While The Miz is a natural heel, I have no doubt that he can be a believable face foil to Big Show.

Miz reminds me of Chris Jericho in some ways, and he can probably play a similar face character. Jericho was always sharp-tongued on the mic, but instead of directing it toward the fans and face wrestlers, he refocused it on heels when he was a face himself. Miz can do the exact same thing.

Miz has all the tools to be one of the top guys in the company, and turning him face will help him get to that point much faster.

Miz can defeat Big Show at either TLC or Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship and then enter WrestleMania as champion. The threat of Dolph Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank contract would be present, but feuding with and beating Big Show would really establish Miz as a top face.

The Miz is a great heel, but he has gone about as far as he possibly can with his current persona at the moment. The WWE is lacking depth when it comes to star power atop the card, but finally having The Miz turn face would certainly change that.


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